Octans - A spirited bar

01 Januari 1970Ivar de Lange

Octans - A spirited bar

Octans – A spirited bar

Maybe Luxemburg is not the first city that pops in mind when you think of cocktails, at least for me it doesn’t. In a city where champagne appears to be more popular then water in the dessert, cocktails are somewhat of an oddity.

In every dessert there is an oasis though and where Sebastian van der Weerden introduced cocktails and mixed drinks to Luxemburg eight years ago by opening the Gin centered bar Go-Ten, he took it to the next level by opening Octans in 2015 together with Justin Renzaho. Located in the old centre of Luxembourg (which is a beautiful city with a buzzing nightlife btw), Octans is a cozy, mid-size bar all based on the octant shape. Mirrors in the left part of the bar, where you can sit at high tables and where people stand to drink make the bar look bigger. On the right side of the bar, Tom Dixon chairs are accompanied by octant shaped tables and lamps on the wall.

The bar has a good collection of spirits with most of the brands you would expect in a good cocktail bar. On the shelf above the spirits an impressive collection of herbs and spices they use for infusions, syrups and just as cocktail ingredients, is displayed. The menu takes you to all different places in the world and every place has its own cocktail inspired on the local ingredients of that country or city. What I like to do most though is ask the bartender to make me his or her favorite genever drink. Bartender of service that night was Dawid Guzik. A very classic, polite and professional bartender. Dawid made his take on the Holland Gin cocktail for me. Two homemade bitters gave the drink a very pleasant sort of earthy taste. High end drinks in a great environment.

Cocktail recipe Wilhelm III


  • 8,0 CL Bols Barrel Aged Genever
  • 1 CL Sparkling Water
  • 1 White Sugar Cube
  • 3 Dash home-made Brazilian bitters
  • 2 dash homemade Hibiscus-cranberry bitters
  • Garnish: Orange Zest
  • Type of ice: Ice Ball

Method: Mix well the bitters with the cube of sugar and water (sugar must be dissolved) STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass

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Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange is onze Master Bartender en manager van de Bols Academy. Hij heeft meer dan 21 jaar bartending ervaring en vindt het leuk om te schrijven over alles wat met cocktails te maken heeft.

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