Little Barrel Geneva

If you have read some of my previous blogs, you will know how much I like hidden gem’s. Bars that surprise you, bars with passionate bartenders and or bar-owners but especially bars where they serve spot on drinks. Well balanced and well made.

Such a bar I found on my visit to Geneva. Not far from the beautiful lake of Geneva, in the center of town, Little Barrel is located on the Rue du Lac. This little two room bar, breaths rum and cocktails. With over 70 different kinds of rums from 30 different countries you can safely say this is a rum centered cocktail bar. The two owners, Quentin Beurgaud and Nicolas Berger are two modest passionate and ambitious bartenders that great you with warmth and great hospitality.

The small bar seats 6 people and around the bar there are a couple of low tables that seat another 30 people. This makes the bar the center of the room. There is a small passage behind the bar to go to a backroom where you can have a private conversation in one of the comfortable sofa. The bar makes you feel like being in Havana and sitting in the sofa’s you picture yourself smoking a nice Cuban cigar and drinking a classic cocktail. Luckily Little Barrel can provide you with both.

If you manage to make it to Little Barrel, ask for their Milk Punch, that is one of the best Milk Punches I have ever tasted.

I had the privilege of talking about Bols Genever at little barrel and do a guest shift afterwards. Twenty very passionate bartenders from all over Switzerland came and spend an afternoon listening to the story of Bols Genever and drinking classic Genever drinks and of course Bols Genever Tiki drinks that suited the location perfectly.

Cocktail recipe Burberry's 


4cl Bols Genever

2cl Bols Blueberry infused with Thym

1,5cl Lime juice

1cl Simple sugar

8cl Blueberry puree

Top up with soda

What Else 

Method : shaker

Glass: collins

Inspiration : Tom collin’s

gelieve te delen als je het leuk vond!

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