Dinner Party

Holland House

A dinner party is an evening of class and an evening of taste, where you show your best hospitality. At such an evening you only want to serve classy drinks. Such is the Holland House. With the classic Bols Genever as base spirit, Bols Maraschino and dry vermouth as moderators and pineapple juice as sweet agent, you can’t go wrong at your dinner party.

The Drink

Throwing a dinner party is a joyous occasion. You invite your friends or family and maybe you decorate your house of your garden. You spend the whole day getting the best ingredients you can, which you turn into the best dishes you can. Only the best will do for your friends and family. If you spend so much time preparing the best food, you want to serve the best drinks you can. The Holland House combines the Original Bols Genever, with the classic Bols Maraschino liqueur and fresh lime juice. In the 17th century the pineapple was such a precious and unique fruit, that it became the symbol of hospitality which it still is in the cocktail scene nowadays! A drink served at your dinner party, can not be a drink without this symbol of hospitality.


25 ml (0,75oz) Bols Genever

25 ml (0,75oz) Bols Maraschino

25 ml (0,75oz) Lime Juice

25 ml (0,750z) Pineapple juice


Garnish: Lemon Zest

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into a pre chilled embassy glass.


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