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The Whiskey Sour

History of the “Whisky Sour”
In the 1700s the British Royal Navy realised that a lemon or lime a day, kept the scurvy away. The first man to study the importance of citrus fruit in preventing the illness, James Lind, was Scottish (in our opinion, Scots always have the right idea). Lind told the navy to give lemon or lime juice to its sailors (the reason Brits are still known to some as ‘limeys’). Of course, lemon by itself is utterly disgusting, so the sailors, being sailors, mixed in the fruit juice with grog (weak beer and rum). The mix of lemon or lime juice with an alcoholic drink later became known as the ‘sour’
This drink drifted inland and at some point it was realised that by replacing rum, with whisky and adding a little sugar to soften the sourness you had a pretty incredible drink. So when exactly was it born
Let’s go back to the sea! It’s 1872 and Elliot Stubb, a steward of the ship Sunshine, invented a drink in a bar in Iquique (which is now in Chile, but was then in Peru). The drink he created would change the world forever…it is the whisky sour! No, wrong! Further research showed that it was featured in the most important book in cocktail history, Jerry Thomas’ 1862 ‘How to Mix Drinks: The Bon-vivant's Companion’

The “Whisky Sour” Recipe

2  oz.   Bourbon
1  oz.   Lemon juice
½  oz.   Sugar syrup (2:1)
2  dsh.  Angostura Bitters
Optional: Egg white

How to make a “Whisky Sour”

Step 1: Pour all ingredients in Boston Shaker
Step 2: Shake the ingredients with cubed ice. (When using egg white, dry shake first)
Step 3: Strain out in a pre-chilled short drink glass over cubed ice.
Step 4: Garnish with an Orange peel

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