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The Pornstar Martini

History of the “Pornstar Martini”
Douglas Ankrah is the creator of this elixir. And at first dubbed the Maverick Martini after a shady club in Capetown, South Africa, then renamed the Pornstar Martini, because of all the passion Ankrah would put into this drink. The idea is to eat the passion fruit first, then drink the Champagne and then enjoy the lavish Pornstar Martini drink.

The “Pornstar Martini”Recipe

1 oz.   Bols Vodka
¾ oz.   Bols Vanilla
½ oz.   Pineapple juice
½ oz.   Passionfruit purree
¼ oz.   Lemon Juice
Side kick prosecco

How to make a “Pornstar Martini”

Step 1:Pour all ingredients, except prosecco, in a Boston Shaker.
Step 2: Shake all ingredients with ice. 
Step 3: Fine strain into a pre- chilled cocktail glass.
Step 4: Garnish with half a passion fruit and a side kick of prosecco.

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