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Bols: the world's oldest distilled brands

Lucas Bols (since 1575) is one of the world oldest distilled brands in the world. We have been mixing, distilling and blending for over 400 years. 
Old recipes became new, flavours and products are constantly refined and craftsmanship is what we stand for.

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Foam it up! Egg whites vs. Aquafaba

So, you like cocktails with a nice, thick foam layer on top? Who doesn’t. But should you use classic egg whites or aquafaba? Tyron tells all!

Great cocktails with only three ingredients

Read all about Ivar's favorite cocktail recipes with only three ingredients. Easy to make at home or in your bar.

The hottest cocktail trends for 2018

Looking for the hottest cocktail trends for you bar? Our trendwatcher Tyron is here to help. Read about the cocktail trend for 2018 now!

6 cocktail Instagram accounts to follow

Get inspired by these amazing six cocktail Instagram accounts to follow.

Let's talk tea and cocktails with Robert Schinkel

Tea (and cocktail) talk with Robert Schinkel during the first Bols Bartending Masterclass of the year.

The new low ABV trend: lowbols

This year is going to be all about low alcohol drinks. Read about this new trend!

What's up with the cocktail umbrella?

How come the paper umbrella has become synonymous for cocktails? Read about it in this blog!

Everyone’s favorite (New Years eve) party drink: The Punch

Find here the best recipe for everyone's favorite New Years eve party drink, The Punch!

The 6 best cocktail Christmas gifts

What better Christmas gifts than gifts that can help you celebrate the holidays! Here are the 6 best cocktail Christmas gifts.

Our brand new course at the Bols Bartending Academy: WSET level 2 in spirits!

For the first time in Amsterdam we gave hospitality professionals a unique opportunity for to obtain the internationally acclaimed WSET certificate!

Writing genever history in Berlin

We were part of a historic initiative in the world of genever during Bar Convent Berlin. Read all about it here!

Ivar's 4 World's 50 Best Bars favorites

Read all about Ivar's favorites from the World's 5o Best Bars!

Talking Tiki in Disney

Who thinks that Disney is all about Mickey is mistaking. Disney is also about food, wine and Tiki!

Representing the true Amsterdam spirit at Gin Day

The Milan based juniper festival ‘Gin Day’ showed Milan to be the capital of gin.

Mexico city: much more than tacos and tequila

Forget the stereotype Mexican image of tacos, tequila, Mariachi and sombreros, the cocktail scene is booming!


Why Philly is smoking hot!

Read about Ivar's adventures in Philly!

Date Night

The Date Night is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the dates and the sourness of lemon juice.

Cocktail Trends Around The World

Bols Brand Ambassador Denzel Heath describes the latest cocktail and bartending trends in Australasia.

Tropical Tiki Party

Picture yourself on a beach in the Caribbean. The sun is out there, your feet are in the sand, people are cheerful and you are drinking the best tropical cocktail you can think of.

Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party is a joyous occasion. You invite your friends or family and maybe you decorate your house of your garden. You spend the whole day getting the best ingredients you can, which you turn into the best dishes you can.

Wedding Party

On your wedding day, you should be king and queen of the day. It is all about you and your happiness. A day you will always remember, and a day that everybody wants to remember.

Guys Night Out

On a night with the guys you want to serve a manly drink. A drink that is not too easy to make, and not too easy to drink.

Girls Night Out

High heels, cocktail dress, your best friends and the best venues. That is what a girls night is about. We have all seen the girls do it in Sex and the City on their Girls Nights Out.

Bols Around the World is Back

Are you the next Bols Genever Pioneer?


Bols, the world’s oldest distilled brand and Dilmah, the world’s leading ethical tea brand have joined forces by hosting a masterclass at the Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam.

Full Moon Party

The Full Moon party has spread throughout the world and one of the iconic things of the party is people sharing their drinks. What better drink to share then the Sangria?

Little Barrel Geneva

Read about this hidden gem and discover Little Barrel's Bols Genever cocktail.

Bols around the woods

All the ingredients you want for your cocktail, just around the corner of your bar.

Octans - A spirited bar

Wilhelm III cocktail. A cocktail by Octans for Bols. Check this delicious cocktail recipe and try it yourself!

5 bar tools you’ll need to make cocktails

We listed the bar tools that you need to make cocktails at home. Search on Bols for a delicious cocktail recipe and you're good to go!

Bols Barrel Aged Genever

Bols Barrel Aged Genever is launched in Asia. Our ambassador and Master Bartender with a secret bar at the Singapore Cocktail Festival.

It's not only fashion in Milan

Milan, aperitivo and the Genever Sazerac. Read all about it in this weeks blog.