Cocktail and genever experience

Your best hour in Amsterdam! Feel, taste, smell and discover which secrets hide behind the best cocktail.

During this interactive cocktail and genever experience in The House of Bols you will find out everything there is to know about how genever conquered the world during the Golden Age. After the tour you can enjoy a delicious cocktail in the revolutionary Mirror bar!

The tour lasts an hour and the price includes one cocktail.

Cocktail and genever experience € 16,- p.p.

The price includes one cocktail

The House of Bols is open daily from 13:00 till 18:30.
On Friday and Saturday till 21:00.

Buy tickets here

Minimum age for entrance is 18 years


Really fun! Especially for gin lovers!

This was part of a combined ticket with Reypanaer Cheese shop. Definitely worth a visit. My husband wasn't thrilled because he's not a gin drinker but in the end he said it was great. So that's telling you something. You start by learning the history of Dutch gin. Then you go on to the aromatics in gin. After going through the entire museum you wind up in a gorgeous glass and mirror bar. Your ticket gives you 1 free drink which you can pick from a menu on a computer screen or devise one on your own. The drinks are generous and you can buy more. There is of course the requisite gift shop. The gin they have there including genever is not readily available in the US so buy some if you like it.

Reviewed by Lynda L on TripAdvisor


Visited and blown away by the experience! If you're interested in cocktails then this is a must. You'll learn all about the history and the technique. You'll get to experience all the scents and aromas. You'll get a fabulous sensory experience with a free DVD e mailed to you. And you'll get to try the cocktails!! A fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Try it!!

Reviewed by roseannefearon on TripAdvisor


A great experience. Interesting to see how this world famous brand originated. A very 'hands on' your for adults. A free cocktail at the end of the tour is a real treat too with so many to choose from.

Reviewed by Martyn J on TripAdvisor

Must do in Amsterdam!

This was much better than expected. Self guided tour taught you about the history of Bols in a very interesting way and how it is made. Had such a laugh smelling the sample bottles to guess the flavour, and finished off with a cocktail of our choice. Perfect!

Reviewed by rmc42 on TripAdvisor

Bols tour and dinner

My sister and I enjoyed the Bols tour which we combined with an evening meal at the Restaurant Solo. We thoroughly enjoyed both. The tour was interesting and we were given a shot to drink during the tour and we then got to choose a cocktail at the end of the tour. The meal in the restaurant was lovely. There was a choice of four starters and mains, two desserts, a selection of cheeses or a drink. We had a cocktail with our starter and dessert. At a cost of 49 euros each we felt it was very good value.

Reviewed by O5394VNcatherined on TripAdvisor

Amazing Cocktails experience ever!

The house of bols museum is ok, but the cocktail bar is outstanding! I had the best cocktails ever. The bartenders were friendly and were amazing at what they were doing!

Reviewed by srv_wanderlust on TripAdvisor

Highly recommend

Very interesting and interactive. The taste and smell tests were good fun, and to top it off a cocktail is included in the ticket price. Would definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Will7691 on TripAdvisor

Love Cocktails

This is a great experience, it is a self guided tour, and has a number of sensory activities, and full of history. It is a great way to spend an hour and the great part is you do get to try a cocktail at the end.

Reviewed by Sarah G on TripAdvisor

Very cool, must do in Amsterdam

I hate saying something is a must do, but this is a perfect way to spend an early evening in Amsterdam. Really is a must see. Learn about the House of Bols distillery through an interactive way. And at the end you are treated to a fabulous cocktail that you either select or make. Of you're a fan of liquor this is a must see.

Reviewed by Ash M on TripAdvisor

Hidden tour

We decided to go to the house of bols tour since it was 25% of with our iamsterdam cards. Very intresting self guided tour with audio guide about the dutch liquer jenever (i thought it was the same as gin but its not) they talk to you about the history of the bols distillery and how its made with smelling tests and a funky senses test where you get a shot of jenever. At the end you either can make your own cocktail to drink or they make it for you!! What more can you ask for!

Reviewed by sannyj89 on TripAdvisor

Hidden gem of fun

The different activities here were so fun. I love the tasting, smells, and learning about the history and process of the liqueurs. The best part is the drinks at the end. The bartenders (Melissa)were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Reviewed by cutegurl04 on TripAdvisor


We came here for my nieces hen party as one of the activities and it was fantastic.... highly recommendedю

Reviewed by GillianSouthWales on TripAdvisor

Super fun

You will never experience this in the other place. :D Luv the free cocktail at the end of the tour. I think it worths more than the long line in heineken tour

Reviewed by Jihyun S on TripAdvisor

5 Senses Experience

Wasn't expecting it to be this cool .. It's a tour where all your 5 senses are triggered! Highly recommended! Plus you can make your own cocktail!

Reviewed by Tony S on TripAdvisor

Amazing experience

I went with my friends not knowing what to expect, and what a surprise that was, the video booth experience was great and fun (make sure to submit your email before going to the tour so they can send you the video) and you can make your own cocktails which is something unique.

Reviewed by Wissam A on TripAdvisor

Amazing cocktails

It's amazing when you do ur own cocktail with a friendly stuff. This adds more excitements to the experience.

Reviewed by Hussein B on TripAdvisor

Fun Experience after Visiting Museums

Stopped in for a tour after visiting the Van Gogh Museum. Wasn't expecting much - but it was actually very clever and fun. Would recommend.

Reviewed by Anne K on TripAdvisor

Really fun museum

This is my favourite museum in Amsterdam just because it's so quirky and fun! Good activity with a group!

Reviewed by Chloe Jon TripAdvisor

Really cool place to visit

A fun visit to a hidden gem in Amsterdam. Definitely a must if you are in Amsterdam, more fun than the Heineken Experience, and the cocktails are delicious.

Reviewed by Shacks1971 on TripAdvisor

Great afternoon visit!

We heard about this from some local friends and they joined us for a visit. What a nice walk through and great bar at the end. The bartenders take great care in making the drinks which are very nice and inexpensive! Defo worth a visit!

Reviewed by cliffy97 on TripAdvisor

Self guided tour

Really good tour. Lots of info given in a fun, cool environment. The cocktail at the end was DELICIOUS!

Reviewed by Cathy D on TripAdvisor

Best thing we did in Amsterdam!

This completely exceeded our expectations! We'd booked it because I quite fancied it, however my boyfriend wasn't massively keen to begin with, but by the end we both absolutely loved it and agreed that it was the best thing we'd done the whole holiday! The experience was really hands on and great fun, the staff were super friendly and helpful and the cocktail bar at the end was so nice we ended up coming back the next day for another drink. Absolutely worth the money and would without a doubt recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Reviewed by Marina S on TripAdvisor

Highlight of Amsterdam

Having been to the Heineken experience and having not heard of Bols I had low expectations but once finishing the experience it was fantastic, the effort they went into making it good was great, all the staff were friendly and even found us places to eat and a bike hire (Donkey Republic), They even let us back in the day after to drink more cocktails as we brought too many cocktail tokens, I won't spoil too much but my advice is to try everything and go early, there are fewer people and it is more fun, definitely try the tasting booths halfway through, it blew my mind.

Reviewed by Andrew H on TripAdvisor

A great cocktail experience!

After being a lover of Bols myself this was a brilliant find in the heart of Amsterdam! I loved the history of the alcohol and the ability to experiences the different flavours using all my senses was brilliant. The final cocktail was lovely. Well worth the experience!

Reviewed by monkeys2017 on TripAdvisor

A cocktail experience

Great experience and museum. The interactive exhibition at the beginning of the experience was great fun especially the 'senses' section. Great to find out the history behind bold and then the taste experience in the bar at the end. Overall a great experience and well worth the money! Would definitely recommend for any cocktail lover.

Reviewed by njbolton2 on TripAdvisor

Fantastic location with helpful Staff

Had so much fun here! Diane is a fantastic teacher! Would definitely be back for another experience!

Reviewed by Squirrelly C on TripAdvisor

Hidden Gem

I visited 5 years ago, and came back today in 2017. Great history, amazing visuals, and wonderful cocktails at the end to round out a great experience. Friendly staff, extremely clean environment, and professional bartenders. This is a must do if you're visiting Amsterdam.

Reviewed by Stephanie M on TripAdvisor

Amazing! Cheers!

Got to know this distillery through the guide Holland Pass - it took me Silver voucher. The tour is outstanding showing the visitor the history of the Genever drink. Gin industry was inspired by Genever! There is high tech in the tour and the cabin senses is an experience that blew my mind! You can play with senses and guess some by yourself! At the end, you get a free cocktail which you can choose. Highly recommend it for the cheer of Amsterdam! Enjoy.

Reviewed by Patricia S on TripAdvisor

Love cocktails love Bols

Really interesting and enjoyable. Got to find out the history and how they make the Bols and all the flavours, you even got to choose a free cocktail or create your own definitely worth a visit with the girls I even got a free shot glass.

Reviewed by Emma R on TripAdvisor

Very good experience.

Very well laid out attraction, plenty of very interesting displays with some very good quirks hidden into the experience. The bartenders were very polite and helpful and made some very delicious cocktails. You even get the chance to buy extra tokens for the cocktails at €5 each, well worth the price!

Reviewed by Samantha S on TripAdvisor

Great Experience

Get yourself booked into this! 16€ each for the tour with complimentary cocktail at the end. Also extra cocktails only 5€!!! You have the chance to shake your own cocktail too. Great place to visit and located near the I Amsterdam sign behind the Rijksmuseum.

Reviewed by tomkeogh83 on TripAdvisor

Loved it!!

Fantastic highly recommended. Very informative and interactive. 5€ cocktails after tour. Highly recommend the tour.

Reviewed by Dion B on TripAdvisor

Great experience

Various activity, very immersive. Highly recommended! You have a cocktail making lesson, and a very unique experience into a cabin but I wont' spoil it by telling you too much about it Anyway, it was a very surprising experience and the free cocktails at the end are exquisite!

Reviewed by A TripAdvisor Member on TripAdvisor

Great experience!

Traveling on break from classes with a friend and enjoyed our experience! Staff was very friendly and helpful and the audio guides are great! The best part was making a delicious cocktail at the end!

Reviewed by kbrewer14 on TripAdvisor

Defo recommend!

Really lovely staff who are friendly and speak good English. Great experience, something completely new for us and we loved it. Cocktails are fab too- especially the ones you make yourself!! Definitely recommend.

Reviewed by georgiasophiexo on TripAdvisor

Great cocktails!

For cocktail lovers this is a trip not to be missed, the tour involves various experiences revolving around the senses, including tasting and smelling the wide range of Bols flavours. It's well worth the price when you get a free cocktail at the end and can buy extra cocktails for only 5 euros. You can even print your recipe to take home. It's just a shame that we couldn't make our own as they were closing that part of the bar when we reached the final section of the experience.

Reviewed by Chel_brfc on TripAdvisor

Well worth visiting

The tour was great and well worth the entry fee on its own. The walk through the history of the drinks was really interesting. Had some lovely cocktails at the end of the tour. So good that we stayed for a few more.

Reviewed by DNOD111 on TripAdvisor

Really good

Came here with my boyfriend and enjoyed it.. especially loved the smelling the 36 different smells of liqueurs it definatly got the nostril working.. and loved my citrus cocktail at the end and my boyfriend loved his Toblerone cocktail

Reviewed by Becky M on TripAdvisor

Great place

Brill place gaining knowledge how it started, then afterwards enjoyed watching and drink some lovely yummy cocktails. Spent a good few hours in here, I wonder why,

Reviewed by Supernan49 on TripAdvisor

Fun place

Visited here with some friends, it was fun as well as interesting, after the tour you go into the cocktail bar and choose one to have or you can make your own. We had a great time.

Reviewed by alison_weston2 on TripAdvisor

Great cocktails at a fab price

This is the third trio to House of Bols and I love it more each time. The tour is interactive, informative and not too time consuming. Included in your ticket you get a free cocktail at the end of the tour, which you can pick yourself. In addition, you can buy extra cocktails for €5 each, they're great value and absolutely delicious! I'd highly recommend this little beauty!

Reviewed by Stef0303 on TripAdvisor

History, sensory exploration & a cocktail

Loved it! The House of Bols gives you a history lesson followed by sensory exploration and a great cocktail. The Taste Experience is great fun. It was pretty quiet when we visited so we were able to take our time and explore the different smells. Tip. Don't miss the historic bottle collection in the glass walled case at the end (in the bar where you get your cocktail). There's info about the bottles on your audio guide. Interesting!

Reviewed by Scrat718 on TripAdvisor


We visited this attraction after a visit to the museums just across the street, just in time for a cocktail! The House of Bols is basically a self-guided tour. The history of Genever is quite interesting and at the end, a cocktail is included in the entrance fee. The bartenders do a great job, making this a fine afternoon experience. Several tramstops are nearby.

Reviewed by NemoTraveler on TripAdvisor

Nice experience

Friendly staff great experience and nice cocktail at the end which you can make yourself. They have a little surprise for you as well which is good and is a good experience.

Reviewed by Rachaelmusk on TripAdvisor

Good fun and breaks up all the walking!

Went here as my partners friends had been the previous month and said how good it was. It's only €16 and you get a shot and a free cocktail at the end so that pays for itself with out the museum bit. For at museum this is a pretty cool and interactive one. There's a weird video booth you go in to drink your shot, and the wall of smells makes for a very cool picture. And the final mirror bar where you pick and make your cocktail is another cool experience.

Reviewed by David W on TripAdvisor

Cool bar!

I booked this event online before i went to Amsterdam and it was €18 each (i think!). You walk through different rooms and it shows you how the alcohol is made etc, and at the end you get to sample a cocktail of your choice in the impressive bar. This is something fun you can do as a couple or with friends, would recommend if you are looking for things to do in Amsterdam

Reviewed by Ellie T on TripAdvisor

Excellent time filler

So you could queue for ages in the cold to visit the Van Gogh Museum or you could walk across the road straight into a surprisingly interesting exhibition charting the 400 year plus history of Bols and their drinks. Get to the end of the tour and find the ticket includes one cocktail - and you can get another for 5€, so why wouldn't you? Definitely a good way to spend 90 minutes or so... And you might not feel the cold so much when you leave!

Reviewed by richardtap on TripAdvisor

Interesting, fun, worthwhile

Found it really interesting, have some interactive things. Get given a free audio guide and then you can just take your time going around and learning about the history. Plus at the end you get a free cocktail and it's only €5 to get a ticket for another cocktail which is a pretty decent price, if you like alcohol I would recommend here :)

Reviewed by Ray29895 on TripAdvisor

Lovely experience.

A lovely hour or so out, could perhaps be part of a day in the museums area. Reasonably priced, smart and interesting. This is something you and your loved one can enjoy. There is lots to see do and smell, lots of factual and succinct information so you're not on your feet in one place for hours. With a lovely cocktail and liquor experience in a 'vibrating' room. Sounds weird, but trust me, it's great. Must do trip.

Reviewed by Cameron F on TripAdvisor

Actually pretty interesting!

Pretty short run through of Bols history. Appreciate the 'interactive' exhibits - lots of smell, touch and see made it much more interesting than we thought it would be! At the end, you look through lots of drink recipes and pick one out that they will prepare for you. Very engaging staff added to this pleasant adventure!

Reviewed by mikesluckywife on TripAdvisor

The experience

Flavours come to life in the different areas of The House of Bols.
Discover the art of flavour!

History room

Step into the Golden Age and find out how Lucas Bols conquered the world with his genever.

History room
Art of flavor

Art of flavor

Experience the biggest cocktail and genever experience with all your senses.

Hall of taste

Experiment with the special effects of smell, taste and color.

Hall of taste
Ingredient room

Ingredient room

Learn about the most important ingredients of an authentic jenever.

Genever room

Travel back in time and discover the wonderful history of jenever.

Genever room
Mirror bar

Mirror bar

Choose your own delicious cocktail based on your personal taste and a professional bartender will prepare it for you.

Shake your own

Now it’s your turn! Shake your own cocktail and enjoy all taste sensations.

Buy tickets here

Minimum age for entrance is 18 years

Shake your own