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Sex on the Beach recipe

Sex on the Beach cocktail

What is a Sex on the Beach cocktail?

History and background

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is one of the most frequently served cocktails in the world. It's on every beach and pool bar's menu. This tropical, sweet cocktail was invented quite recently in the 1980s. It's one of the most iconic eighties cocktails and will always be associated with the film Cocktail starring Tom Cruise.

The name ‘Sex on the Beach’ probably derives from the fact that this is a sweet and fruity cocktail that is very popular in tropical destinations. Despite the racy name, it's actually quite a tame cocktail. The origins of the cocktail are a source of endless discussion, however, it was probably invented when a bartender crossed a Fuzzy Navel cocktail (vodka, peach liqueur, orange juice) with a Cape Codder cocktail (vodka, cranberry). What we do know is that the Sex on the Beach cocktail, together with the Long Island Iced Tea and the Piña Colada, is one of the most popular ‘vacation cocktails’ of all time.

Flavour Sex on the Beach cocktail

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is a very sweet vodka cocktail with many fruity influences from the Bols Peach, Bols Cassis, and cranberry and orange juice. It's not rocket science, but the success of the cocktail all depends on the use of fresh fruit juices. Fresh juice with refreshing sour notes provides a pleasant balance. It's an uncomplicated, fruity vodka cocktail for everyone who loves sweet and fruity drinks – and holidays on the beach!

Ingredients for Sex on the Beach

How do you make a Sex on the Beach cocktail?

Pour the Bols Vodka, Bols Peach and Bols Grenadine into a cocktail shaker and fill it two thirds of the way with ice cubes. Shake the cocktail for around 10 seconds and strain it into a highball or sling glass filled with ice cubes. Top up this cocktail with the orange juice. Garnish the cocktail with an orange wedge and a maraschino cherry.

What bar tools do you need to make a Sex on the Beach cocktail?

  • Jigger
  • Shaker

Sex on the Beach cocktail Garnish
Orange wedge and maraschino cherry


Sex on the Beach cocktail recipe variations
Variation 1: Base Spirit
Bols Vodka is a neutral base for the Sex on the Beach cocktail and allows the peach, grenadine and orange flavours to take centre stage. If you would prefer to use a base spirit that has more of its own flavour and which blends nicely with the peach notes in the Sex on the Beach, use Bols Barrel Aged Genever. The beautiful, full, sweet notes created through eighteen months of barrel ageing go beautifully with the peach notes in the Bols Peach liqueur.

Variation 2: Modifier
Peach is the most obvious modifier in the Sex on the Beach cocktail. By switching out this component, the cocktail changes dramatically. The neutral base of vodka means the Bols Peach is the ingredient that provides the flavour. So choosing an alternative ingredient requires some thought. If peaches are in season, I first recommend making a fresh peach purée. You can do this simply by blending the fruit of a peach with some sugar. Shake this in cocktail as a replacement for the peach liqueur. But be sure to fine strain the cocktail. If you want to give the Sex on the Beach a different flavour, use Bols Kiwi to create an interesting twist on this cocktail.

Variation 3: Fruit juices
Pineapple juice is often used in recipes for the Sex on the Beach cocktail. It's not in the original recipes, but over time it has become a commonly used ingredient. And why not? Pineapple juice complements the peach and grenadine and gives the cocktail a little more sweetness and balance. Use approximately 50 ml pineapple juice if you want to create this version of the Sex on the Beach cocktail.

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