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Red Light Club recipe

Red Light Club

What is a Red Light Club cocktail?

BATW 2017 finalist Evgenya Prazdnik's cocktail:

Evgenya believes the future cocktail trend will stick with organic and health benefit accent.Her future vision of iconic Clover club is reverse shaken mixture of original Bols Genever, sugar free raspberry shrub and aquafaba. Acidity and sweetness in effective premix as a shrub was reinvented into a sugar free version by using licorice extract as sugar replacement and she made velvety foam with vegan protein. Real potential to become new classic is obvious. A high-quality drink with healthy additions.

Ingredients for Red Light Club

How to make a Red Light Club cocktail?

Reverse shake and garnish with dehydrated raspberry sprinkles.

Raspberry shrub: macerate 0,5 kg of fresh berries in 500 ml balsamic vinegar for 12 hours, strain the mixture, add 50 ml of licorice extract.


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