Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe | Bols


Island Iced Tea


the original
spirit     of

Damrak Gin

15 ML

White rum

15 ML

Tequila blanco

15 ML

Fresh lime juice

15 ML

Sugar syrup

5 ML


The Long Island Iced Tea is very easy cocktail to make. Pour all the ingredients (except the cola) into a sling or long drink glass and stir. Fill the glass with ice cubes and top it up with coke. Stir briefly and garnish with a lime wheel.

  • Variation 1: Switching out the rum for Bols Barrel Aged Genever is a good option. Bols Triple Sec can be exchanged for Bols Ginger to give the cocktail a spicy edge. 
  • Variation 2: Replace the sugar syrup with vanilla syrup, passion fruit syrup or elderflower syrup to give the cocktail a sweeter, fruity or floral touch.
  • Variation 3: Using a different drink than cola can give the cocktail a fresh twist. Try a sparkling blackcurrant drink, bitter lemon, ginger ale, tonic or pink lemonade.


with natural botanicals

Master bartender note

The Long Island Iced Tea cocktail is legendary and notorious due to its mixture of many different spirits, like Bols Triple Sec, Bols Vodka, White Rum, Tequila and Damrak Gin. However, this cocktail is not as dangerous as it seems, as only very small volumes of each spirit are used in this rather easy recipe. 

The alcohol content is also somewhat diluted by the lime juice, sugar and cola. It's essential to serve this cocktail very cold with lots of ice so the spirits taste lighter. 

All in all, the Long Island Ice Tea is a popular, uplifting cocktail that has endured the passage of time. This cocktail is actually a long drink and one of the easier cocktails to make.

The Long Island Iced Tea was created in 1972, when Robert 'Rosebud' Butt was a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn Hotel in Long Island, New York. He participated in a cocktail contest in which contestants had to come up with a new cocktail using Triple Sec.

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