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the original
spirit     of

Tomato juice

120 ML

Fresh lemon juice

10 ML

Worcestershire sauce

Put all the ingredients, including 5 dashes Worcestershire sauce, 3 dashes Tabasco, 2 grinds black pepper and 1 grind salt into the smaller side of your shaker. Fill the larger side of the shaker with ice cubes. Place your Hawthorne strainer on top. Pour the ingredients from the smaller side into the side with the ice cubes. 

Then, pour the liquid back into the smaller shaker while the ice cubes are held back by the Julep strainer. Pour the Bloody Mary back and forth a total of six times. This is called rolling or throwing. Pour and strain the Bloody Mary with the ice cubes into a highball or long drink glass. Garnish with a celery stick.

  • Variation 1: Switch the vodka for a different spirit, like Bols Genever.
  • Variation 2: ‘Fat wash’ Bols Vodka with fried bacon or infuse a spirit with chili peppers or horseradish.
  • Variation 3: Try alternative seasonings, such as soy sauce, wasabi, chutney, and different types of chili pepper paste. 


with natural botanicals

Master bartender note

The Bloody Mary is the mother of all savoury cocktails. Thanks to its spicy, savoury and invigorating flavours, this vodka cocktail is considered a great hangover cure. This is down to the fact that the vodka gives you a new burst of energy ...

the tomato juice has a cleansing and hydrating effect on the body and the spiciness of the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce wakes you up. The Bloody Mary is one of the most famous brunch cocktails, or morning drinks, in the world.

The inspiration for the world-famous Bloody Mary cocktail is often considered to be the blood-thirsty, British Queen Mary I (1516-1558). This may be the most famous Bloody Mary origin story but the cocktail is unlikely to have been directly inspired by her. The true inventor of the Bloody Mary seems to be ...

Fernand Petiot, who was a bartender at Harry's New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s. This was frequently visited by patrons of the famous Bucket of Blood bar in Chicago, where a beautiful waitress named Mary worked. The bartender Petiot supposedly named the cocktail after her. 

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