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Grasshopper recipe

Grasshopper Cocktail

What is the Grasshopper cocktail?

History and background

The Grasshopper cocktail is one of the most famous after-dinner drinks, or dessert cocktails. This cocktail classic was invented at the start of the 20th century in none other than New Orleans. The inventor was the new owner of Tujaque's bar in the French Quarter: Philip Guichet. More than a century after its invention, the Grasshopper still seems very innovative due to the two liqueurs that make up this cocktail. Bols Peppermint Green and Bols Cacao White complement each other perfectly in this indisputable cocktail classic.

Flavour Grasshopper

Cocktail The Grasshopper combines the fresh peppermint notes of Bols Peppermint Green mint liqueur with the rich chocolate notes of Bols Cacao White liqueur, which reinforce each other and create a spectacular cocktail. By supplementing these successful flavours with the sweet creaminess of Bols Yoghurt, this cocktail becomes a liquid dream. The big advantage of using Bols Yoghurt instead of cream, as is used in the original recipe, is that the Bols Yoghurt adds subtle, fresh sour notes. The Grasshopper is a comforting, creamy, sweet cocktail with the freshness of peppermint. Perfect as an after-dinner treat!

Ingredients for Grasshopper

How to make a Grasshopper cocktail?

Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill it up two thirds of the way with ice cubes. Shake the cocktail for around 10 seconds and fine strain it into a chilled cocktail coupe. You don't need to garnish a Grasshopper.

What bar tools do you need to make a Grasshopper Cocktail?

  • Jigger
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Strainer
  • Fine Strainer

Grasshopper Cocktail garnish



Grasshopper Cocktail recipe variations
Variation 1: fresh mint leaves
The unique personality of the Grasshopper cocktail is created through a mix of Bols Peppermint Green and Bols Cacao White. Mint and chocolate is a tried-and-tested combination found in many delicious treats such as After Eight Mints. We can tinker with this balance somewhat. For example, you could shake a few mint leaves in the cocktail. But don't fine strain it, because the little pieces of mint leaves will float in your Grasshopper and create an interesting visual effect. Be sure to use a green mint species.

Variation 2: Bols Cacao
Bols Cacao White is a liqueur created through distillation. This gives the intense cacao flavour a transparent colour. Use Bols Cacao Brown to give the Grasshopper cocktail a less intense cacao flavour but add a darker colour. If you want to add even more cacao notes, you can infuse Bols Cacao White with cacao beans to give it a more intense cacao flavour.

Variation 3: Fruity flavours
We can also find flavours that pair well with the mint-chocolate combination. You may have eaten a dessert in which these flavours are combined with pear or pineapple. Both flavours taste delicious with Bols Peppermint Green and Bols Cacao Brown. In addition to these two ingredients add 20 ml of Bols Pear or Bols Pineapple Chipotle for a deliciously fruity Grasshopper cocktail variation.  

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