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Valentine's Day

Jun 2016

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, theday of the year when it is just the two of you. The day of the year when thereis nothing else then the love you feel for each other, and maybe the love youfeel for a good drink. The day of the year that you celebrate Cupid's work.Cupidity is the cocktail that has all the ingredients for a perfect Valentine’sevening. Bols Parfait d’Amour and Bols Kirsch, stirred with Bols Genever andCucumber Syrup. Love is in the air!


The Drink

The story goes that the Saint Valentine of Rome healed theDaughter of his imprisoner, and before his execution he wrote her a lettersigned ‘your valentine’ as a farewell. Nowadays signing a letter with ‘yourvalentine’ means nothing that drastic, it means the person that wrote you theletter thinks you are special! He or she will spoil you with a romantic dinner,an evening at the movies, sweets and a great drink of course.

Cupidity is the perfect drink for your valentine. The herbsand maltwine of the Bols Genever go perfectly well with the herbs and sweetnessof Bols Parfait d’Amour and Bols Kirsch. That marriage between flavors isperfected by the fresh and clean taste of cucumber syrup. If this drink doesn’tmake you fall in love, nothing will!



15 ml (0,5oz) Bols Kirsch

10 ml (0,25oz) Bols Parfait d’Amour

45 ml (1,5oz) Bols Genever

1 barspoon Cucumber Syrup

Method: Stir al ingredients and strain into a pre-chilledEmbassy glass.

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