The new low abv trend: lowbols

Now, in February new year's resolutions are propably faded to the background. But due to this new trend, there is one resolution that is very easy to keep: drink less alcohol. 

Low alcohol cocktails, a century old tradition
Drinking low alcohol cocktails is something people have been doing for centuries. If you go way back in history, the ancient Greeks aromatized their wines with rosemary and sugar to make it easier on the palet. The spritzer is a classic dilution of wine with water that turned into the now well-known drink ‘spritz’.

If you look at the first cocktail book ever written by Jerry Thomas in 1862, you will find drinks as the Cobbler, some low alcohol punches and Daisy’s that classify as low alcohol.

A renewed awareness of responsible drinking
Bartenders and consumers worldwide have gained a renewed awareness of social responsibility and responsible drinking. It is no longer cool to be that drunk girl of guy in the bar and people tend to pace themselves. A great development. This new trend has been picked up by bars and bartenders worldwide and low alcohol cocktails are being served in more and more of the leading bars and restaurants.

To make it possible for everybody to serve low alcohol drinks in the bar, or to make them at home, Lucas Bols has developed Lowbols. Low alcohol cocktails based on the Lucas Bols liqueurs. Exciting flavor pairings that look great and are easy to make. By everyone, everywhere. Lower alcohol never tasted that good.

 Are you interested in our Lowbols? Ask your ambassador or sales rep for our thirteen lowbols recipes. Or check out for the Lowbols drinks.


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