Guys Night Out

Guys Night Out


On a night with the guys you want to serve a manly drink. A drink that is not too easy to make, and not too easy to drink. The negroni is stunning, sophisticated and sexy! Everywhere around the world, the Negroni is seen as a bartenders drink and who doesn’t want to be a bartender…?

The Drink

The origin of the Negroni is not well documented unfortunately. The most probable story is this: Around 1919, Italian imbibers’ must-sip was the Americano -- equal parts sweet vermouth, campari, club soda -- and so at Florence’s Caffè Casoni that year, count and cowboy Camillo Luigi Manfredo Maria Negroni ordered one. Fortified, per favore. In that inspired move from soda to gin, the Negroni was born. Nowadays many variations of the Negroni are being served, but back  in 1919 it was very well possible that it was made with Genever, the spirit of choice for many bartenders. We like to believe so!


30 ml (1oz) Bols Genever

30 ml (1oz) Galliano l’Aperitivo

30 ml (1oz) Sweet Vermouth

Garnish: Orange Zest

Method: Stir and strain into ice filled old fashioned glass


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