Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out

Dutch Cosmo

High heels, cocktail dress, your best friends and the best venues. That is what a girls night is about. We have all seen the girls do it in Sex and the City on their Girls Nights Out. Drinking cosmopolitan’s and dancing till the early morning. This is your chance to be glamorous!

The Drink

The general believe is that the cosmopolitan has it origin in the 70’s of last century and that it is a variation of the kamikaze cocktail. There is though a recipe from 1934 for a Cosmopolitan that we like better as the originator. That recipe calls for Gin, Cointreau, Lime Juice and Raspberry Syrup. It might look like a recipe not close to a Cosmopolitan as we know it nowadays, but it is a recipe close to our Dutch Cosmo! The sweeter style of our Genever, the Bols Genever 21, makes for a perfect base spirit in this Dutch Cosmo. Enjoy with your heels on!


30 ml (1oz) Bols Genever 21

30 ml (1oz) Cointreau

30 ml (1oz) Cranberry Juice

2 Lime Wedges

Garnish: Orange Zest

Method: Shake all ingredients including the squeezed lime wedges. Fine strain into a pre-chilled martini glas. 

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