Friday Cocktail

24 February 2017Yuliya Y

Friday Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Stormy, rainy, wintery weather calls for a cocktail that fits the plate. Therefore we will crown the Old Fashioned as this Friday’s cocktail. Subtle-sweet Bourbon Whiskey mixed with just sugar and bitters is just what we need to keep us warm.

Even though the Old Fashioned is commonly known as a classic American cocktail, evidence shows that there might be some Dutch origin to this drink. Way back before the original Old Fashioned as we now know it erupted – Jerry Thomas mentioned an Old Fashioned cocktail recipe in one of the worlds first official cocktail books. This recipe, described in his Bartenders Guide, went by the name of Old Fashioned Holland Gin Cocktail, requiring a lump of sugar and Angostura Bitters to be mixed with a lemon peel and Dutch Gin. All ingredients were supposed to be stirred in a whiskey glass and served just like that. Quite a similarity with the classic bourbon-based Old Fashioned as we now consume so dearly.

So if you’re finding yourself in an inquisitive mood: take a little side-track, get out of your comfort-zone and treat yourself with one of our all-time favourites: the Aged Old Fashioned. Made with our very own Barrel Aged Genever.

Stay warm!
Happy Friday.

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Yuliya Y

Yuliya Y

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