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02 March 2017Yuliya Y


Is it Friday yet? Ow yes it is! Which means we get to treat ourselves with a new Friday Cocktail yet again. This week: the refreshing Margarita. Hoping this way we can force some matching sunny weather upon us.

The Margarita erupted as a variation on “the Daisy”, one of the most popular drinks after the repeal of the Prohibition. This drink was originally made with Brandy, Triple Sec liqueur and fresh lime juice. The variation on this cocktail, where Brandy was being substituted with Tequila, was then named the Margarita, hence Margarita is the Spanish word for Daisy. Get it?

Another difference between the original Daisy and the Margarita is the use of a salt-rim. To give justice to all present flavours and to balance and blend them together, the top rim of the glass is being rimmed with good quality sea-salt. Salt, in this case, enables all the welcome flavours by supressing the bitter tones of the Triple Sec and lime juice. Due to this, the sweet and sour tones of this cocktail will be perfectly present and balanced. When introducing newbies with a Margarita cocktail though, we recommend to just rim half of the glass. This way they always have the potential to enjoy their cocktail without the addition of salt, since this doesn’t appeal to everyone’s palate.

Tip: When you want to rim your glass with salt, cut out a fresh lime wedge and sweep it alongside the outside of the top rim of the glass. The lime juice will enable the salt to stick on the rim of the glass. Grind some kosher sea salt into a small dish and dip in the outside rim of the glass. Use the lime wedge to wipe the inside rim of the glass to discard unwanted salt out of the inside of the glass. This way you’ll prevent the salt to end up into your drink!

Check out the full Margarita cocktail recipe and instructions over here.

Happy Friday!

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Yuliya Y

Yuliya Y

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