Friday Cocktail

As our Amsterdam Cocktail Week is in full swing, we figured we might assist you with a little recovery treatment. What better way to get this done than with a Bloody Mary? So go ahead and check out this Friday’s Cocktail to read about what this drink can do to cure your hangover.

The Bloody Mary is one of those myths that states to cure your hangover. But what’s actually true about this? We all like to look for excuses to legitimately pour ourselves a drink before noon, but does the Bloody Mary actually has any advantages compared to other drinks concerning curing a hangover?

It is commonly believed that consuming alcohol the day after a heavy night of drinking can reduce or “cure” the hangover. The main reason this is believed to be effective, is that inducing yourself with more alcohol will simply numb the pain and inconvenience of the hangover. But this is actually just the alcohol supressing physical discomfort, and not the alcohol really recovering your body. Causing you to only postpone the impact of your hangover. The Bloody Mary, though, is believed to be a different case, since it contains a lot more ingredients, which are believed to support restoration. The tomato juice combined with savory additions like Tabasco, horseradish, pepper and salt contain a fair amount of antioxidants and vitamins that will give a slight boost to recover your body from dehydration and innutrition. Is the addition of vodka extra conducive to accomplish this? We doubt it. But hey, we will never leave a good excuse unattended to treat ourselves with a good Bloody Mary!

So whether you’re fighting your hangover tomorrow or you’re just looking for a delicious yet simple cocktail this weekend, the Bloody Mary is the way to go.
Recipe? Click here!

Happy Friday!

PS: Drink responsibly.

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