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01 January 1970Yuliya Y


This Friday we are kicking of the weekend with what might be one of the most famous cocktails of all times: the Cosmopolitan. Elegant, lightsweet with a pungent, tangy kick. Anyone hearing the name “Cosmopolitan” would immediately refer to the Sex and the City movies, where the Cosmo got its fame as through being Carrie Bradshaw’s signature drink. But did you also know that:

In the year of 1968, Ocean spray (the most commonly used cranberry juice) was looking for a way to market their product to the adult audience, since cranberry juice was a drink drank mostly by children. To target adults and make consumption appealing for them, Ocean Spray started printing a recipe of a drink named the “Harpoon” on their cartons: a drink consisting of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, vodka and lime juice. Even though the Triple Sec is still missing, it seems like a good precursor for the Cosmo. A very successful and welcome initiative to push cranberry juice to the adult crowd, if we may say!

The Cosmopolitan, before the airing of the Sex and the City, was a very popular drink amongst, yes really: guys! From the mid ‘70’s onwards, the Cosmopolitan was thé drink to drink during a night out within the gay community of Provincetown. Around the ‘90’s the original recipe was adapted by bartender Toby Cecchini, who substituted Rose’s lime syrup with fresh lime juice and added Cointreau Triple Sec Liqueur to give the drink an extra kick. A sweetpink look in an elegant glass after which zestful, strong and manly flavours are hiding. “Girls-drinks” would usually be considered a lot sweeter and of lower ABV in this era. It was only after the Cosmopolitan gained international publicity through Sex and the City that it became a cocktail characterized as being thé stereotype girls-drink.

Meanwhile emancipation has done it’s job, so most professional cocktailbars won’t be bothered when male guests would order a Cosmo at their bar. After all bartenders are aware of how misleading it’s appearance can be…

So for anyone who’d like to kick off and boost their weekend in the right way: Click here to find more information about how you can easily make this cocktail yourself.

Happy Friday!

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Yuliya Y

Yuliya Y

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