Ivar's 4 World's 50 Best Bars favorites

Professional bartending26 October 2017Ivar de Lange

Ivar's 4 World's 50 Best Bars favorites

Often I get asked what my favorite bars are. Even more often, I get asked by friends what the best bars are to go for cocktails. Is there a way to say which bar is the best?

Of course, it is very subjective. But the organization of the World's 50 Best Bar awards have found a way to objectify this as good as possible. Since 2008 they have organized the award show for the world’s best bar. A voting comity of 500 people from the spirit and bar industry get to vote for their eight favorite bars. The six hundred leading bartenders and bar owners from all over the world are invited to the award show each year.

If you go on a city trip, or want to know where to go for drinks in your own city, the World's 50 Best Bar list is the list to check. These are the things that stood out for me in 2017’s list.

The American Bar, London
I must start with the winner, of course. The best bar in the world in 2017. A bar with a rich history. Many classic cocktails have been invented here. Ask any bartender in the world about the American Bar in the Savoy and they will tell you about Ada Coleman inventing the Hanky Panky there in the early 1900’s. Or they will tell you about Harry Craddock, Ada Coleman’s successor, who wrote the iconic ‘Savoy Cocktail Book’.

Opened in 1903, the American Bar has had 10 head bartenders, ruling the stick. Head Bartenders at the Savoy are very loyal to the bar and well known and respected in the bartending world. The current head bartender is the 11th in line, Erik Lorincz. Of course, you can order the classics at this bar, but Erik and his team have made an impressive menu with their own classics. This menu takes you from ‘Coast to coast’. A well enjoyed journey across Britain from north to south. Which drink you choose, you will be sure to have a great drink and a great evening.

The American Bar, 100 Strand, London

Paradiso, Barcelona