Bols Barrel Aged Genever

Singapore Cocktail Festival

Whereas Genever might still be a drink mainly drunk by their grandfathers for some people (especially in the Netherlands), bartenders worldwide start embracing this grandfather of gin more and more. One of the latest markets to dive into the Bols Genever pool is Singapore. As one of the leading and fastest growing cocktail markets in the world, it attracts top bartenders from all over the world. This is shown by the recent migration of top bartenders like Steve Schneider, Roman Foltan and most recently old Bols Around the World Global Winner Rusty Cerven to Singapore. The overall level of the Singapore bar is illustrated by the fact that three of the world 50 best bars are located in Singapore. This makes Singapore after New York and London the third big city in cocktail country.

Bols Global Brand Ambassador Malika Saidi and Bols Master Bartender Ivar de Lange went to the culmination of the Singapore Cocktail scene, the Singapore Cocktail Week and Singapore Cocktail Festival to introduce Bols Barrel Aged Genever. At the festival village there was build a secret bar where only invited people could come and listen to the Bols Genever story and have a sip of the Barrel Aged version. They didn’t really do a great job in keeping the bar a secret though. After two hours into the first day, a constant line was formed with people waiting for a Bols Genever cocktail.

Genever is an exotic spirit and drunk all over the world in the most amazing cocktails! Click here to read all about our Bols Barrel Aged Genever.

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