6 cocktail Instagram accounts to follow

Home bartending09 March 2018Ivar de Lange

6 cocktail Instagram accounts to follow

We drink with our eyes. That is what I always tell my bartenders. The visual appearance of a drink is almost as important as its actual taste. Do you want to make your cocktails look stunning when you host a cocktail party at home or in your bar? Here are six Instagram accounts that I follow and inspire me. Some are big, some are small and the once to watch. Get inspired!


This young and upcoming French cocktail stylist and -photographer based in Amsterdam, is all about playing with colors. Beautiful cocktail designs, working with backrounds and contrast. Her cocktails are elegant and classic. She is the owner of corkandtop cocktail design and has a design and cocktail background.


I am personally a big fan of cocktail pins and this Instagram account is all about cocktail pins. Having a good looking cocktail pin in your drink can make the difference between just a cocktail and a very special cocktail. And that is just what studio212 does.


Shannon Sturgis is a cocktail and booze photographer from New York that I follow. Her cocktails are playful yet classic. Cocktails are not the only thing she is good at taking pictures of. Check out her website for more work.


Tim Etherington-Judge and Camille Ralph Vidal have recently started this great initiative for a more balanced lifestyle for bartenders. A healthier hospitality industry by education in nutrition, exercise, wellness, mental health and of course drinks. A great inspiration for every bartender.


Want to know everything about genever? Want to learn all about the latest trends? This is where you can see all about our cocktails and about the live and adventures of our trainers and ambassadors.

And of course you can follow me @ivardelange!

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Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange

Ivar de Lange is our Master Bartender and manager of the Bols Academy. He has over 21 years of bartending experience and loves to write about anything cocktail.

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