Bloody Mary recipe

What is a Bloody Mary?

History and background 

Bloody Mary

The inspiration for the world-famous Bloody Mary cocktail is often considered to be the blood-thirsty, British Queen Mary I (1516-1558). This may be the most famous Bloody Mary origin story but the cocktail is unlikely to have been directly inspired by her. There are as many stories about the origins of the Bloody Mary as there are variations on the cocktail recipe. The true inventor of the Bloody Mary seems to be Fernand Petiot, who was a bartender at Harry's New York Bar in Paris in the 1920s. As the popular Bloody Mary legend goes, many American artists who frequented the Parisian bar were also patrons of the famous Bucket of Blood bar in Chicago, where a beautiful waitress named Mary worked. The bartender Petiot supposedly named the cocktail after her. Then there is the less likely but humorous legend of the famous cocktail-lover Ernest Hemingway. In the 1920s, he was instructed by his doctors to quit drinking alcohol and, of course, cocktails. Bartender Fernand Petiot concocted a spicy vodka cocktail with tomatoes to help Ernest conceal the fact that he was consuming hard liquor from his wife (Bloody) Mary. Imaginative storytelling aside, it seems logical to conclude that the ‘Bloody’ part of the name may be simply derived from the colour of the tomato juice in the cocktail.  


The Bloody Mary is the mother of all savoury cocktails. Thanks its spicy, savoury and invigorating flavours, this vodka cocktail is considered a great hangover cure. This is down to the fact that the vodka gives you a new burst of energy, the tomato juice has a cleansing and hydrating effect on the body and the spiciness of the Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce wakes you up. The Bloody Mary is one of the most famous breakfast cocktails, or morning drinks, in the world.

Ingredients forBloody Mary

Number of Servings


ml / oz


60 ml

120 ml

Bols Vodka

90 ml

180 ml

Tomato juice

10 ml

20 ml

Fresh Lemon juice

5 ml

10 ml

Worcestershire sauce

3 ml

6 ml


2 Pinches of black Pepper

1 Pinch of Salt

Tools / Products

Bols Ginza Jigger 25 / 50ml


Italian Hawthorne Strainer


Bols Vodka