Cocktail workshops

Create your own cocktails! 

Have you always dreamed of the art of the flair (à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail) to master to perfection? Then book one of our (virtual) cocktail workshops. Many professionals have been educated here. In the late afternoon, evenings and weekends a place where "Outsiders" together with their friends or business relations learn to make the most spectacular cocktails. Under the supervision of a Bols trainer and accompanied by smashing music you get to work. Mixing, blending, muddling, stirring and shaking, at the end of the workshop you can do it all. 

House of Bols Cocktail Workshop

Learn to make cocktails at our do it yourself bar
  • 1 to 18 persons
  • 60 min House of Bols Tour (incl. a cocktail at the bar)
  • 30 min Cocktail Workshop, 2 cocktails during workshop
  • For groups please send us an email
€30.00 p.p.

Online (Virtual) cocktail workshop

Online is the new offline. Learn how to make cocktails at home with your own virtual Bols Bartender.
  • 6 - 100 persons
  • 60 min Online Cocktail Workshop
  • 2 cocktails during the workshop (Ingredients & tools included)
€36.00 p.p. (Including VAT & individual shipping)