Bols Business class – Warsaw

The final Bols Business class edition of 2016 took place in the Pin up studio in Warsaw, Poland. The event was attended by a record number of 150 hospitality professionals whom were treated to a varied and international line up of speakers. The event was kicked off with local hero Rafał Ciesielski who captured the audience with his knowledge on how to build a complete system for your bar. Rafal was followed by Mateusz Zabiegaj, a well-known industry expert who clarified the pros and cons of premium brands in the bar. After the break Elliot Ball from the Cocktail trading co. in London took the stage to discuss guest communication. When does the communication start, how to communicate the soul of your bar and last but not least, when does the communication end? The closing act of the event was realized by the power couple of Amsterdam: Lydia Soedadi and Boudewijn Mesritz who gave an inspiring talk about how they managed to build their own brand, the bar Tales and spirits in Amsterdam.

Mateusz Zabiegaj ‘Why do you need a premium shelf?’

During this talk, Mateusz will clarify the pitfalls of having a premium shelf in your bar. What are the pros and cons of premium brands? How do you make the decision which brands to stock? How do you sell premium brands? Why would you do it at all? With his extensive experience in all areas of bartending, Mateusz will shed light on this complicated topic. 
About Mateusz Zabiegaj:
Mateusz is an expert in the whisky industry. During his 6 years as a brand ambassador for William Grant & Sons he has worked for both mainstream and premium portfolio brands. He builds critical relationships with off-trade, on-trade clients and collectors both in Poland and abroad. Working for the premium portfolio brands of William Grant gave him a solid understanding of working with premium products. His bartending background gives him extensive understanding of challenges of both mainstream and premium portfolio sales in an actual bar.  

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