The history of Alcohol

Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller take you back in time to, possibly the exact, birthplace of Alcohol.

This Business Class talk dives in to some of histories best kept alcoholic secrets.

Like many of their drinks, there is a perfect balance to be found in the talk.  A good balance of humour and stone cold facts. Starting from the beginning back in 7000 BC, central China. Where the first archaeological evidence from intentional fermentation was discovered by Patrick McGovern. Due to the fact that it was complicated fermentation, rice / grains with botanical, Jared Brown, expects more evidence proving alcohol to be much older than we currently think.

About Jared & Anistatia

The inseparable cocktail couple, Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, are the directors of Mixellany Limited®, a consultancy and publishing company that specialises in anything and everything to do with spirits and mixed drinks. During the course of their 20+ year collaboration, Miller and Brown have written more than 30 books including  Shaken Not Stirred®: A Celebration of the Martini,Champagne Cocktails, Cuban Cocktails, The Mixellany Guide to Vermouth & Other Aperitifs, and their latest title The Deans of Drink.