The second edition of Bols Business class UK took place at the charming Watershed venue in Bristol. Over forty bar professionals gathered for the event which hosted talks by four influential speakers from UK’s leading bar industry. During the break, the attending guests sampled cutting edge cocktails in two different pop up areas at the venue. The official launch of Galliano l’Aperitivo took place in one of the pop up areas and was hosted by Ago Perrone and Giorgio Bargiani from the Connaught bar in London, who was recently awarded ‘world’s best cocktail bar’ and ‘world’s best hotel bar’ at the Spirited Awards at Tales of the cocktails in New Orleans.  

After the event at the Watershed, the attended guests were invited to discover Bristol’s finest cocktail bars during a bar tour where five of Bristol’s top bars presented their Business class special menu for the evening. 

Clinton Cawood: The changing face of the trade

Clinton Cawood


‘The changing face of the on-trade’


Clinton has been a member of the Imbibe magazine editorial team since 2008 and has been writing about drinks since landing in the UK in 2006 from his native South Africa.  His writing covers an extensive span of topics in the drinks business, from spirits, coffee, wine to soft drinks and gives him a significant insight in the current trends of the UK drinks industry. His talk will outline the changes and trends in the on-trade business and open your mind to what the future will hold.


About Clinton Cawood:


Clinton is the news and online editor at Imbibe magazine. A South African native, Clinton has lived in the UK since 2006 and has been writing about everything drink related since then. He's partial to all things agave, and is dependent on good coffee. He's still not a morning person.


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