The Three Most Delicious Cocktails for Your Sweet Tooth!

The Three Most Delicious Cocktails for Your Sweet Tooth!

Can't it be sweet enough for you? A delicious cake, freshly baked cookies, or a big bar of chocolate - you'd rather have it all at once. When it comes to cocktails, you think exactly the same. Sweet is the order of the day, even when you're treating yourself to a drink. That's good because we asked our Master Bartender to list the three best sweet cocktails for you. So you know exactly which cocktail is best to combine with your sweet snack!

Sex on the Beach

The Sex on the Beach cocktail is the most served cocktail worldwide! You can find it on every menu of every beach club or pool bar. Even though this cocktail was actually invented in the 80s, it is still an iconic cocktail for the eighties. 

The Sex on the Beach cocktail probably gets its name from its sweet, fruity character and its popularity in tropical destinations. The Sex on the Beach is a sweet vodka cocktail with lots of fruity influences from Bols Peach liqueur, Bols Creme de Cassis liqueur, cranberry, and orange juice. The fresher your juice, the tastier your cocktail will be!

Together with the Long Island Iced Tea, the Mojito, and the Piña Colada, the Sex on the Beach is the perfect cocktail that will make you dream away to a white beach, blue sea, and a nice Sun. 

Want to know how to make the most delicious Sex on the Beach cocktail? Check out the recipe here.


White Russian

Another iconic cocktail that owes its fame to a movie is the White Russian. For although it was invented back in the 1970s, it was only from 1998 after the release of the film "The Big Lebowski" that the White Russian cocktail really became known to the wider public. In this film, which gained instant cult status, the main character "The Dude" (played by Jeff Bridges) pours himself White Russians on a conveyor belt. After seeing this movie it is hard not to love this sweet cocktail.

The White Russian cocktail is an easy-to-prepare mix of Bols Vodka, Bols Coffee, and cream. Flavors that naturally go together in a sweet, creamy cocktail. No higher cocktail mathematics, no true taste explosion but just a nice, simple cocktail for people who like sweet and creamy. And then we've come to the right place, haven't we?

Check out the easy recipe for the best White Russian cocktail here!


Amaretto Sour

The Amaretto Sour hangs proudly in the gallery of cocktail classics and is a sweet cousin of the Whisky Sour cocktail. The cocktail may be a member of the so-called Sour family, but the Amaretto Sour has a wonderfully smooth taste with a perfect balance between the sweet almond notes and opposite the fresh acidity of fresh lemon juice. This cocktail is also a super easy cocktail to make at home!

The Amaretto Sour is by far the best-known cocktail made with the Italian liqueur Amaretto. Amaretto is Italian for "a little bitter", but because the liqueur contains sugar, the bitter tones of almonds can only be tasted in the distance. However, that doesn't mean that every cocktail with Amaretto is only going to be very sweet. Bols Amaretto liqueur offers enough depth and rich flavors for an exciting cocktail, like the Amaretto Sour. You make the best Amaretto Sour cocktail by adding fresh egg white for extra lightness and a creamy texture. Prefer not to have egg whites in your cocktail? There are alternatives such as aquafaba (chickpea juice) or a 'foaming agent'.

Read more about the recipe for the delicious Amaretto Sour cocktail here!


So, here are three cocktails that you, as a sweet tooth, can enjoy. And best of all, all three are super easy to make at home. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your new favorite drinks, and don't forget to brush your teeth before bed.

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