8 delicious Easter cocktails

Easter is coming up! Usually, Easter is all about hunting eggs and deliciously prepared breakfasts or brunches with friends or family. This year it’s probably a virtual brunch again, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be festive. Why not give your Easter a special touch by serving delicious cocktails? We like to serve light and creamy cocktails for Easter, so here is a list of our 8 favourite Easter cocktails.

Easter cocktails for breakfast or brunch

Cocktails for your Easter breakfast need to be light and fresh. We don’t want anybody falling asleep again after drinking our cocktails. And because Easter is right in the middle of springtime, think about floral, bubbly and fruity cocktails.

1. Bellini

What’s better than to take a bite of a juicy, ripe peach? Correct, not a lot! We captured exactly that delicious flavour in our Bols Peach liqueur. Combine this with even more peachiness and some bubbles for a perfect Bellini. Not only is the Bellini a very easy cocktail to make, it’s also a festive one as it’s served in a champagne flute and topped up with prosecco. All this makes the Bellini the perfect light and fruity cocktail during your Easter breakfast or brunch.

Check out the easy Bellini recipe here!

2. Elderflower Royale

Next up is the Elderflower Royale. Also served in a stylish flute, but this time we make it even more festive by using champagne instead of prosecco. The floral notes of the Bols Elderflower liqueur match perfectly well with the somewhat bitter/sweet champagne, making this drink the ultimate Easter cocktail for your fancy brunch.

Find the full recipe for the festive Elderflower Royale here!



3. Elderflower Spritz

Floral liqueurs and cocktails are perfect for springtime and therefore for Easter. The Elderflower Spritz is one of those cocktails that can be drunk during or after an Easter brunch. Picture yourself on a spring day, on a long beautifully decorated table with friends and family with a bubbly, floral Elderflower Spritz in your hand. It doesn’t get any better, right?

Here is the full recipe for the floral Elderflower Spritz!

4. Watermelon Margarita

A Margarita is already a very refreshing cocktail. Replacing Bols Triple Sec with Bols Watermelon liqueur for a Watermelon Margarita cocktail adds even more freshness. This fruity and fresh cocktail is a good way to end your Easter brunch. The Watermelon Margarita not only looks amazing and cheerful, but the flavour is also amazing too. The grassy notes of the tequila are great with the lime, sugar and Watermelon liqueur.

Find out how to make the perfect Watermelon Margarita here!


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Creamy Easter cocktails

Whether it’s a liquid dessert you want to serve or just want to indulge your guests with a delicious treat, a creamy cocktail is a good idea for Easter. That being said, we like to serve these sweet, creamy Easter cocktails right after brunch in order for everyone to digest and enjoy the rest of the day in a very chilled and relaxed mode.

5. Golden Cadillac

The Golden Cadillac is a true delight! The creamy cocktail contains the fine and sweet flavours of Bols Cacao White liqueur and herbal notes of Galliano L’Aperitivo. This combined with cream and garnished with shaved chocolate, makes this cocktail mouthwatering. And with its beautiful light, golden colour it will definitely look amazing on your beautifully decorated Easter brunch table.

Read the full recipe of this Easter Golden Cadillac here!

6. Mango Lassi

Another delicious cocktail with Bols Natural Yoghurt is the Mango Lassi. It’s inspired by the classic Indian drink Lassi and it’s a great dessert after your Easter feast. You only need Bols Mango liqueur, Bols Natural Yoghurt, half a mango and crushed ice. Blend it in a blender and serve in a large coppa or wine glass. Easy, fast, and accessible for (almost) anyone at the table.

Here is how to make the perfect Mango Lassi!



8. Cherry Alexander

Cherry is the ultimate spring fruit. With its beautiful dark red color and amazingly sweet and juicy flavour, you can make delicious cocktails with it. One of those is the Cherry Alexander. It’s a fruity twist on a Brandy Alexander and that’s why we like to serve it for Easter. The sweet combination of Bols Cacao White liqueur and Bols Cherry Brandy liqueur and the kick of the Vodka give you that indulging feeling after a stuffed Easter brunch. It’s the perfect Easter cocktail while you sit back and just enjoy the rest of the day.

Find the full recipe of this amazing Cherry Alexander here!

8. Strawberry Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? And did you know it’s even better as a drink? De Strawberry Cheesecake tastes exactly the same as you would picture your cheesecake to be. Sweet, indulging and with a slightly sour touch of the Bols Natural Yoghurt liqueur and lemon juice. This Easter cocktail is very easy to make and we bet that it will soon be everyone’s favourite!

Check out the delicious Strawberry Cheesecake recipe here!



There you go! 8 delicious and easy to make cocktails that will make your Easter extra festive this year. Looking for more cocktails to create at home? Check out our Cocktail Gallery.

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