How to stir a cocktail

Although you can also stir a built-up drink, "stirred" often refers to beverages that are stirred with ice cream in a Boston glass or shaker, before being served. Either, straight up (like a Martini) or on the rocks (like a Martini on the rocks). Follow this short step-by-step plan and watch the instructional video and you know exactly how you stir the best cocktails.

Step 1: Pour the ingredients into an ice-filled Boston glass, mixing jug or shaker, and stir (don’t churn!) for around 15 seconds.

Step 2: Strain out using a julep strainer* (also known as a dome strainer) to strain out the liquid, either straight up or over fresh ice. Never re-use the ice you stirred with!

Stirring generally creates at least 10% dilution.

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