Cocktail Glassware

Cocktails are elegant and deserve to be served in a decent glass! There are various shapes of glasses but the following 4 types of glassware can be used to make almost every cocktail:

1. Martini glass
Also known as the ‘cocktail glass’ and traditionally a V-shape, this glass should be cooled before use. Since the resurgence of classic cocktails, a traditional round champagne coupe is also sometimes used instead of this glass
Martini glass content: ca. 200ml.

2. Sling glass 
An elegant, long, thin glass which is often used for beer in Germany and which has become a popular long drink glass as a result of the emerging punch and Mojito trend.
Sling glass content: ca. 355ml.

3. Collins or long drink glass
This glass is also known as a highball glass and can vary in width and height. It is perfect for a traditional Collins and other long drink cocktails.
The content is always the same, irrespective of the shape: 350ml.

4. Rocks or short drink glass
A rocks glass is a sturdy, short drink glass, made from thick glass that can easily and safely be used for cocktails that must be muddled in the glass, such as the Caipiroska.
Rocks glass content: ca. 266ml.

Tip: Always cool your glass before the drink is poured. The Martini glass, in particular, must be cold because drinks served in these glasses are usually served without ice. Using a chilled glass allows the drink to stay colder and the perfect cocktail taste to be enjoyed for longer.

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