Cocktail Bartender Tools

In the world of cocktail making you can use a lot of different tools to create/make one of those killer drinks. But there are some fundamentals that you need in order to achieve the best results for the drink you want to create/make. 

Every cocktail has its very own recipe and every recipe asks for its very own way to be made. This also also goes for the bartender’s tools. As a bartender you need to know what tool to use for which cocktail and also how to use these tools. There are various kinds of tools, but the following 6 types can be used to make almost every cocktail: 

1. Muddler 
A kind of pestle, designed to crush fruits and herbs, releasing aromaticoils and flavors.

2. Jigger
This is a small measuring cup to measure ingredients, per ml or per shot. 1 shot = 30ml

3. Shaker 
This is used to mix ingredients with one another. The shaker can be either a 3-part metal (‘cobbler’) shaker with a built-in strainer or a 2-part glass-and-metal (‘Boston’) shaker, which requires a Hawthorn strainer (see below). 

4. Barspoon 
A long-handled bar spoon is highly convenient for stirring. 1 bar spoon = 1 teaspoon = 5 ml. 

5. Hawthorn strainer 
A strainer (or bar sieve) prevents the ice from coming out of the shaker as the cocktail is poured into the glass. The Hawthorn strainer is the most frequently used variety and is used together with a Boston shaker. 

6. Fine Strainer
A fine strainer is actually a tea strainer or a fine sieve. If a drink is ‘double strained’ then it has been sieved twice; once with a Hawthorn strainer and then with a fine sieve. Consequently, the smallest pieces of fruit pulp and ice slivers are removed.

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