The Brandy Crusta

History of the “Brandy Crusta”
Jerry Thomas added this recipe and a beautiful illustration of the cocktail to his book published in 1862. The glass he used was a small wine glass. Bartenders today use cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, small wine glasses and even short drink glasses. The best choice for your Crusta glassware will be a shallow 3 to 4oz. wine glass.

Jerry’s book mentions Brandy Crustas, Whiskey Crustas and Gin Crustas. The Brandy Crusta turned out to be the most popular version and eventually evolved into the Sidecar and the Margarita. Once again, the recipe and ratios changed over time. Which orange
curaçao to use, orange or lemon garnish, shaken with shaved, crushed or
cubed ice and sugar rim as garnish?

The “Brandy Crusta” Recipe

1 ½ oz. VS Cognac
¼  oz. Bols Maraschino
½  oz. Bols Dry Orange
¾ oz Lemon juice

How to make a “Brandy Crusta”
Step 1: Pour all ingredients in a mixing glass.
Step 2: Shake all ingredients with ice.
Step 3: Finestrain into a pre-chilled fancy cocktail glass
Step 4: Narrow at the top, with a sugar rim. 

Want to learn more about shaking cocktails? Follow this link!

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