Beer and Genever; a match made in heaven

Bols Bartending presents a masterclass by Jasper Swierstra on genever and beer pairing

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"Beer and Genever; a match made in heaven"

During this masterclass you will learn about the ingredients used in the production of beer and genever, and how they contribute to the final taste of the product. You will understand different beer production methods and how they influence the flavour. After this master class, you will be able to create your own perfect beer-genever pairing, also known as a ‘kopstootje’. 


The main ingredients of beer and genever will be discussed as well as the production process. Because there are remarkable similarities in beer and genever, it is no wonder they match up so well. We will taste different beer and genever pairings and give you the know-how you’ll need to make amazing combinations. We will cover beer traditions from Germany, Belgium and England, as well as a quick look at what the future will hold.