Master bartender

Master Bartender

Entry level
{{2.00000 | fraction}} Days
  • 30%Class room
  • 60%Behind the bar
  • 10%Home study

€ 400, -incl. VAT

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Course description

An inspirational 2 day course packed with advanced practical skills, in-depth mixology know-how and international trends to fuel your creativity.

  • Learn how to make high-end cocktails
  • Increase performance and confidence behind the bar
  • Expand cocktail and bartending skills
  • Find out what’s going on in the international bar scene right now
  • Become a master mixologist

Printed textbook + hand outs included

Graduates receive an internationally recognized certificate

Advanced drink making techniques

A master bartender is an expert in general drink making techniques commonly used in the international bar. During this module you will get to know the advanced skills that will wow your guests in any high end bar.

International bartending trends

Trends move at a very rapid pace in the international cocktail scene. During this module, you will get an insight in what’s happening right now in top bars world-wide.

Multi-sensory mixology

Learn to incorporate all the senses during this mixology module. You will be able to create stunning drinks that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Home-made: bitters, shrubs, syrups and sodas

During this module you will learn how to create ingredients regularly used in top end bars from scratch. These home-made ingredients will help in creating a cocktail menu that will stand out from the rest.

Presenting & staging cocktails

Knowing how to create amazing cocktails is a skill, knowing how to provide an unforgettable drinking experience for your guests requires another ability. During this module you will learn how to add drama, story and creativity to your cocktail presentation.

Bartender body language

Participating in cocktail competitions is a fantastic opportunity to further develop your cocktail presentation skills. But how do you present yourself and how do you sell your ideas? During this module you’ll become more aware of your non-verbal communication and learn how to use this behind the bar.

Free tour House of Bols – Cocktail and Genever experience

This interactive self-guided tour will take you through the world of cocktail, Dutch drinking traditions and the traditional Dutch spirit; Genever.

8.45 - 09.00;Arrival at Bols Bartending Academy
09.00 - 17.00Master Bartender Course including Lunch
8.45 - 09.00;Arrival at Bols Bartending Academy
09.00 - 17.00Master Bartender Course including Lunch
17.00 - 18.00Tour House of Bols - Cocktail & Genever experience + free cocktail

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Competent Dutch or English language skills
  • 100 % of course attendance is required
  • Assigned pass mark for this course is 70%

* NOTE: Courses are always in English. An advanced or intermediate level of English is required.