How to muddle a cocktail

Step 1:

Put the fruit/herb/vegetables into the glass. ALWAYS use ONLY toughened glassware for muddling. So do not muddle in wine, Margarita, Martini or Sling glass! 

Step 2:

Add any other ingredients. Sugar is used as an abrasive ingredient as well as a sweetener in the caipirinha: it helps grind out the flavour from the skin of the lime.

Step 3:

Muddle. For fruit and vegetables: hold the toughened glass firmly in one hand while pushing down on the fruit/vegetable with the muddler and twisting it. For herbs: press lightly on the herbs with the flat end of the barspoon, always holding the barspoon shaft with your fingers, not pushing down on the bowl with your palm.

Step 4:
After muddling, the glass is usually filled with crushed ice and the other ingredients poured in and stirred. Some cocktails ingredients are muddled in the Boston or shaker before being stirred or shaken and strained out.

Muddling drink ingredients doesn’t create any dilution.

Watch the full instruction video here

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