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Bartending Academy Customer service

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If you’re resident in the Netherlands and a private student, you are entitled to deduct the money you spend on tuition, books and specialist literature for your profession or future profession as a personal expense on your tax return.

Hospitality Entrepreneurs
Employers and entrepreneurs can deduct tuition costs as business expenses. No threshold amount applies to business. For specific advice, please contact your tax consultant or the Dutch Tax Administration.
You can book your course online and pay by ideal or with your credit card (master card or visa).If any complications occur feel free to contact us to help you in this process.Note: if you have received a booking code please make sure you enter it correctly before the payment.
Yes you can, up to 7 days before the scheduled date. Please contact us to book another date.
No, you will need to pay the amount in full prior to the start of the course.


Only if you want to have an “edge” when applying for a bartending job, or if you want to become a professional bartender as quickly as possible.
This depends on your skill level and desired result. Please go to course details and find out which course suits you best. We recommend the Advanced Bartending course, this course is suitable for all skill levels.
The Bols Bartending Academy trainers are all qualified trainers with diverse background in the field.Go to> Courses and read about their background and expertise.
All courses are given in English and some in Dutch, to participate we recommend competent Dutch or English language skills. Please review course details for more information.
All participants are granted 1 re-sit per exam; the passing criteria are course specific. Please review course details for more information.
No. Many bartending schools hint at this or flat-out promise it, but we know of no school that fulfils that promise. The factors affecting whether you get a job are:
  • If there are vacancies in the bar you apply to.
  • If you make a good impression with your application/at the interview.
  • If you fit the mental picture the owner/manager has of the bartender they want.
  • If you have the experience the owner/manager requires.
  • If you have what the owner/manager thinks is the right personality and attitude.
  • If you fulfill other requirements of the job, example: being able to work fulltime/part-time, be on-call, have a reliable means of transport other than public transport, be over 18 (or 21 in the US), having a full residence and work permit, having compulsory qualifications such as Sociaal Hygiene (NL), TIPS (US) or RSA (Australia).
  • If you have the knowledge and skills to bartend professionally. This course can only help you with the last factor, knowledge and skills, so it would be very wrong to guarantee you’ll get a job. However, we believe that all other things being equal, doing this course gives you a significant advantage over a rival job applicant who has not. Not least because you can demonstrate with video clips that you are able to work quickly, efficiently, cleanly and safely while making every sort of drink. Like every industry, it is unlikely you’ll get exactly the job you want in your very first job – but if you persevere and keep improving, you will find yourself with the perfect job in no time.
No, but to get the most out of the master bartender course, a moderate knowledge and skills level in cocktail bartending is preferable. A basic knowledge of spirits, basic cocktail preparation technique and basic free-pouring skills are required.
You get your textbook on the first day. If you need  to study cocktail recipes before the course begins, these recipes you will be sent together with the booking form of the course.
The Bols Bartending Academy is an internationally recognized training institute and it has built a strong network since opening in 2006.
The Advanced Bartending course is designed for:
  • People with no bartending experience who want to get a job in a bar, and
  • Bartenders who haven’t had much opportunity for professional training and want to improve / move upwards to work in better bars. This course does not create head bartenders, mixologists or bar consultants. The best way to improve and become capable at these sorts of advanced bartending jobs as quickly as possible after this course is to work in a good bar and constantly try to apply the knowledge and techniques you have learned. There is no substitute for experience or maturity.

Travel, parking and accomodation

Option 1) Parking Q park Museumplein (€50,- per day)
Option 2) Parking in a Park & Ride, (€ 10 – 20 ,- per day)
Park outside of the central and take public transport to the academy
Option 3) Public transport to the academy.

Bols Bartending Academy
Paulus Potterstraat 14,
1071 CZ Amsterdam
T: +31 20 5708575
We recommend the following hotels which are located at walking distance of the Bols Bartending Academy:

Hostel Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark
Zandpad 5, 1054 GA Amsterdam
Tel. +31 20 5898986
Rate per night from EUR 26,- per night

Hotel Acro**
Jan Luijkenstraat 44, 1071 CR Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 662 0526
Rate per night from EUR 65,- per night

Boutique Hotel View**
Leidsekade 77, 1017 PM Amsterdam
Tel. +31(0)20 528 96 68