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Pornstar Martini: the favorite of Dutch cocktail aficionados

A survey of 800 Dutch cocktail aficionados reveals that the Pornstar Martini is the most popular cocktail at the moment. Over 15% of the cocktail drinkers put this classic forward as the most popular cocktail. It is remarkable that especially women put this sweet passion fruit cocktail in the first place. The research showed that 1 in 5 women choose this popular classic.

Not only Dutch favorite

In addition to the sweet flavors, the slightly erotic name of the Pornstar Martini also contributes in large part to its popularity. However, the cocktail was previously known as the Maverick Martini, named after a smoky club in Cape Town. The creator of this cocktail is the legendary British bartender Douglas Akrah who served the cocktail with passion fruit at The Townhouse Bar in London. It was therefore thanks to this passion fruit that the cocktail was renamed, Pornstar Martini. It was only after that that the consumer's imagination was truly captured and the cocktail began to gain popularity. This popularity is carried all over the world, as Diffords Guide, a renowned authority within the cocktail world, has been putting this cocktail at the top of their list of popular cocktails for years. In addition, this cocktail is also the most searched cocktail in Great Britain of 2020 according to Google. Want to know more about Pornstar Martini? Check out our blog about this legendary cocktail.

The second favorite is also for the conscious drinker

The second favorite cocktail of the Dutch cocktail drinker is the Gin Tonic. With the great evolution that both gin and tonic have gone through, it is no surprise that this drink is recognized by cocktail enthusiasts. The choice in the market of gins has exploded in the last few years and this has made the consumer quickly reach for this simple cocktail. Just look at the online assortment on websites like where they offer hundreds of different gin products. Nowadays we increasingly see the non-alcoholic variant among them. This in turn plays well into the trend of more conscious drinking of alcohol and a healthier lifestyle. There is an interesting episode of Keuringdienst van Waarde about this.

Men go for another classic as favorite

Of the Dutch woman, the Pornstar Martini is the favorite cocktail, however, if we look at the Dutchman, we see another classic at the top. This is another cocktail that is popular all over the world: the Old Fashioned. This whiskey-based cocktail has been the best-selling cocktail in the hospitality industry for years. In fact, 1 in 3 cocktail bars reports that this is their best-selling cocktail. This is also in line with the trend of men preferring a slightly bitter, heavier cocktail than women. After the Old Fashioned, the Gin Tonic is the favorite cocktail for the Dutchman.

More classics in the top

It is striking that across the entire survey more classic cocktails emerge, rather than the more modern cocktails such as a Bols Ginger Mule. The classics like the Espresso Martini and the Margarita have many followers in the Netherlands. Still, we like a little experimentation ourselves and therefore we have given some of these classic cocktails an exciting twist. Think for example of an Elderflower Margarita with Bols Elderflower liqueur or a Cappuccino Martini with Bols Brown Cream.

In our Cocktail Gallery, there are many more cocktail recipes to discover and try out. And do you want to know how to get started to make the best cocktails yourself? Then take a look at our Bartending Academy.

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