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Top Cocktail & Bar trends in 2021

The world of cocktails had a major haul over in the years 2020/2021. With the pandemic wreaking havoc over the world, many bars had to shut down for an extensive period. Fewer guests walking into the bar means less room for creating new trends, or not? We would dare to say no! Where there are limitations, there are opportunities in which one's creativity can run wild. This is also the case for our list of bar trends for 2020/2021. In this article, we will talk about the emerging new trends we've seen in the past and present year.

#1: Cocktail drinking at home

Where a lot of guests can't go to a bar to enjoy a well-deserved cocktail, they decide to bring the bar at home. Many cocktail bars have picked up on this and are catering their well-crafted cocktails in ready-to-serve packaging for people to consume in the safety of their own homes. Due to bars having to shut down in many places all over the globe and having no stream of income, we see this trend emerging in many places.


#2: Ready-to-drink cocktails

Brands have also quickly adapted to the current situation of the pandemic and are also providing people with more ready-to-drink solutions. Canned, bottled or tubed cocktails are here to stay and are more respected and accepted then they used to be. The quality of ready-to-drink cocktails was once something to frown upon. Most of the time, they did not taste like the real deal or were just poor imitation of true cocktails. Times have changed a lot, so did the taste of RTDs. Check out our Bols ready-to-drink cocktails here.

#3: Online Cocktail Workshops

With great "cocktails" come great responsibilities. And having people make cocktails at home usually works out better if they have a little help from the industry. If you can't go to your favorite bartender, bring your favorite bartender to you…. virtually.

The pandemic has blocked many of us from meeting in large numbers and having our favorite social gatherings. With more online meetings taking place, we've also seen an increase of virtual "social" gatherings happen. Drinking cocktails at home on your own can be quite lonesome sometimes and online cocktail workshops with your friends and a bartender is a fun and interactive way to make cocktails at home

#4: Cocktail making at home

A fun way for people to enjoy a cocktail at home is by making it yourself. But making cocktails at home scare a lot of people off. The number of ingredients, tools, and bottles you'd have to buy to make a somewhat respectable number of different cocktails, is why most people decide not to make cocktails at home. Many bars and brands have also picked up on this "void" and are delivering cocktail boxes. These cocktail boxes contain small amounts of specific ingredients and the correct tools needed for people to make different cocktails at home.


#5 Online training

With many bars closing down we see bartenders brushing up on their skills. Many brands and bartending schools have made it possible for bartenders to follow an online bartending course for free for a limited time. We've also seen an increase in the number of online bartending school and courses become available. This "down" time in the industry is for bartenders the perfect opportunity to become masters of their crafts. And an online bartending course can be the helping hand in achieving this

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