Bols Bartending Academy Masterclass

Bols Bartending Academy presents: Cheese & Genever: A match made in heaven

Betty Koster, Holland’s ultimate cheese expert is coming to the Bols Bartending Academy! Join us on Monday 24th of September and learn all about the wonderful world of cheese and how to make exciting pairings with different styles of Genever.

When two of the most authentic Dutch delicacies come together, you know there will be fireworks! Cheese and Genever, the pairing options are endless. During this Bols Bartending Academy masterclass you’ll learn how to replicate the flavour combinations at your bar or restaurant. When you understand the production methods and taste profiles of both, you will be able to surprise your guests and offer them a true Dutch tasting experience.

Betty Koster started Fromagerie l’Amuse together with her husband in 1989. Their shops in Amsterdam and a second in IJmuiden offer an unrivaled selection of European cheeses, along with charcuterie, condiments and beverages to serve with them. Betty is an award-winning cheese connoisseur, writer and international speaker.

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*Bols Bartending Academy masterclasses are always given in English

Bols Bartending Academy Masterclass

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Our mission

Since 2007 it has been our mission to educate bartenders and help grow the cocktail movement. To continue our support, we organize free bartender masterclasses where we host leading figures from the industry and inspiring people from different professions to talk about cocktail innovations, ingredients, and their passions.

We host the masterclasses in the Bols Bartending Academy. A leading authority in the world of bartending in one of the most exciting capitals in the world.

If you are a bartender hungry for knowledge, always looking for the next bartending trends and want to meet your best bartender colleagues in an inspiring environment? Join us for the next Bols Bartending Academy Masterclasses. The masterclasses are free of charge and limited seats are available.

Basic information

Who can enter?

All masterclasses organized in the Bols Bartending Academy are open for all professional and aspiring bartenders interested in gaining knowledge.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up by filling in your information at the top of this page and click the Register button.

Where are the Bols Bartending Academy Masterclasses held?

The masterclasses will take place in the Bols Bartending Academy. In the exceptional case that the masterclass will be held in a different location, it will be communicated clearly and up front.

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