about the bols bartending academy

ABOUT THE Bols bartending Academy

The Bols Bartending Academy offers a wide range of professional and practical bar programs from beginner to master bartender, high-level cocktail training with real ingredients and hands-on bar simulation sessions. Founded in 2007, the Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam is a unique learning environment, with 12 professionally equipped bar stations and a dedicated team of experienced instructors.

Not only do our trainer have a lot of international bar experience, they have also participated in leading presentation, management, bartending and drink expertise courses of the trade. Since the opening in April 2007, the trainers at the Bols Bartending Academy have trained over 10,000 trainees from all over the world. The 4-day advanced bartending course prices go from €680,- inc. VAT and includes course books, hand-outs, a tour in House of Bols Cocktail & Genever Experience and a visit to the Lucas Bols Distillery in the heart of Amsterdam.


In the Bols Bartending Academy Amsterdam we offer bartending courses for all skill levels. During these courses you will work with real ingredients just like you would in a real bar situation.


During tasting seminars in the Bols Bartending Academy, you will gain fundamental spirit knowledge.


The Bols Bartending Academy is internationally acclaimed & acknowledged as world's leading Bartending Academy and will therefore serve as an outstanding reference on your C.V.


The Bols Bartending Academy Amsterdam is located in the heart of the museum district. It features 12 state of the art fully equipped bar stations and are designed to simulate real bar situations.

what do professionals say?

Tomasz Malek & Marek Posluszny
Globetrotting Flairtenders & Founders of FlairFactory

“ During our cooperation with the Bols Bartending Academy, we were not only surprised by the well-organized school, fantastic bars set up, but above all a creative, professional and always ready to help a Bols Bartending Academy team. Highly recommended and a must for cocktail lovers. ”

Gaz Regan
Senior Bartender @ The Dead Rabbit, New York & Cocktail Writer

“ I was really impressed by the professionalism of the Bols Bartending Academy when I presented a workshop there, and I’m just as impressed with the fabulous range of products that Bols offers to bartenders all over the world. I never go anywhere without my Bols! ”

Neyah White
Neyah White
Bar Manager @ Nopa, San Fransisco

“ The space is slick and designed to feel like a nightclub and the students were like they were getting ready for a Saturday night shift. It felt so much like a big bar. Then when I got behind the bar and started working, I realized that I was partially right, it is a huge bar ready to perform. It's just that it is for learning, not for partying. A huge amount of effort and investment goes into a special space like this and our industry is blessed to have it. Also, the Flairbooth is a blast for a clumsy guy like me. ”

Eric Alperin
Eric Alperin
Mixologist @ The Varnish, LA

“ It has been a while ago since I visited the Academy but remember it being very well taken care of. It was the launch of the new Bols Genever so there was a lot going on. I got to be hands on with Bols and witness an interesting lab session. Very edifying! Also getting to look at and lay my hands on the original Bols Genever recipe book, was a once in a lifetime opportunity. ”

Timo Janse-de Vries
Timo Janse-de Vries
Head bartender @ Door 74 & Founder of Perfect Bar Show Amsterdam

“ The importance of the Bols Bartending Academy for the international and Dutch bar scene cannot be overestimated. Working together with Bols, I have trained over 700 bartenders in Russia and experienced the passion Bols has for our craft. Without their presence I am certain drinks would taste a lot worse around the world. ”

Rusty Cerven
Rusty Cerven
Senior Mixologist @ The Connaught Bar, London

“ I was blown away with their approach and passion to share their knowledge and to give the world more great bartenders. I joined this fantastic team after I won Bols Around The World 2013 and had an opportunity to work on many great projects and trainings for people from all over the world. I met a huge amount of bartenders where many of them became my good friends till now. Every time I fly to Amsterdam, I feel I fly home! ”

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry
Jeff “Beachbum” Berry
Tiki Cocktail Expert

“ As the author of six books on tropical rum drinks, I have conducted cocktail workshops around the world. The two-day session I did was one of the best-organized and most enjoyable - thanks to the enthusiastic, hospitable, knowledgable, and thoroughly professional staff led by Malika Saidi. ”

Agostino Perrone
Agostino Perrone
Head Mixologist @ The Connaught Bar, London

“ The Bols Bartending Academy is a great set-up for the beginner in order to have an introduction to the bar world. It is also a great point of meeting for the experienced ones that can meet in Amsterdam to share new trends and experience what other colleagues are doing in other countries. ”