Andrzej Rachwalski

I am very lucky, my job is my passion!

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Andrzej Rachwalski

About Andrzej

Andrzej Rachwalski is 30 years old and has been the Bols Brand Ambassador for the Polish market for three years. He previously worked as a bartender in many different places, from high end cocktail bars to fast shot bars. This gave Andrzej an extensive understanding of how the hospitality world works. Andrzej was a finalist in the prestigious Bols Around the World competition in 2012 and has been strongly connected to the brand since then. 

Currently he is responsible for research and expansion of new business and to share his knowledge in the Polish bartending community. His responsibilities have recently expanded to Eastern and Central Europe but his main focus remains the Polish market. Andrzej has seen the Polish bar scene develop and change daily. He has trained more than 5000 bartenders all over Poland with many new challenges and opportunities in the near future!

career highlights

I love working as a bartender because you will never know everything. This is also something I like to share with other bartenders; never stop learning!  A while ago, I was training the team of a cocktail bar in Krakow. As I was preparing cocktails, I noticed half of the bartenders were helping me out as barbacks, refilling ice and getting ingredients for me. One of the guys later told me: ‘I have been a bartender fulltime for 4 years now but is still awesome to be your barback!’. It is very rewarding to see the barbacks that used to work with me developing into the expert bartenders of today.

my favorite quote

I am very lucky, my job is my passion!

signature cocktail

Golden Cadillac

  • 30 ml Cacao Brown
  • 30 ml Galliano L’Autentico
  • 30 ml Cream

My current Bar : Pixel

The best place and the best team to have a Martinez and just chill out.

A peculiar little place which you’ll probably like if you remember the 80s with any fondness. There's a very simple décor featuring a space invaders theme, some furniture which looks like it was recovered from that decade’s biggest restaurant fad (sushi) and even a Pegasus games console. As the name ‘Pixel, Cocktails & Fun’ suggests the drinks menu features primarily drink mixes and are provided by friendly and professional bar staff. There’s room enough to dance and its slightly off-centre location means its clientele are primarily locals. Kudos to the chaps for trying something a bit different.