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Rules and regulations

The notification of the rules and regulations are written for the purpose of preparation and to ensure a straightforward and objective competition in all participating regions during Bols Around the World. It will serve as a guideline for contenders and judges all over the world and safeguard the honesty and openness of the competition.

Bols Around the World 2016/2017: The Bols Genever Edition

In 2007, Lucas Bols launched its first Bols Around the World competition - a bartender competition that attracts thousands of bartenders from all over the world. This year Bols Around the World celebrates its 9th anniversary and goes back to its roots: the Dutch spirit Bols Genever. Being the no. 1 Genever brand worldwide, Lucas Bols celebrates Bols Around the World 2016/2017: the BOLS Genever Edition.

Bols Around the World is a platform to increase bartender’s knowledge by providing education and inspiration, showcasing their talent and expand their international network. This year, Bols around the world is looking for the next Bols Genever pioneer.

Who is the next Bols Genever pioneer?

The BOLS Genever pioneer is an all-round bartender with a business focus. The Pioneer has extensiveBOLS Genever knowledge, but also knows how to truly experiment with BOLS Genever. The BOLSGenever pioneer comes up with new ideas and dares to lead the crowd. It’s the classic bartender, with a passion for the newest trends.

The Competition: Are YOU the next Bols Genever Pioneer?

During 3 online heats, you will be tested on creativity, knowledge, hospitality and the ability to approach Bols Genever from a business angle. If you become one of the top 3 bartenders of your region, you will be visited in your bar to showcase your Bols Genever concept. The winners of each region will be invited to Amsterdam for the grand final where you will bring your Bols Genever concept to life in one of the bars in ‘The Bols Genever Street’ in the centre of Amsterdam!

The Prize

The regional winners will compete for the Grand prize: the “BOLS GENEVER PIONEER AROUND THE WORLD TOUR”, consisting of several stages to develop stronger Genever knowledge and Bartendingskills around the world.


  1. Contenders must be of legal drinking age in the country where they currently reside.
  2. Contenders are only allowed to submit one entry per person.
  3. Contenders will represent the country in which they are currently residing.
  4. Entries should be submitted via the Bols Around the World website only, entries via email, post or smoke signals will not be permitted.
  5. Drink names including rude, lurid or sexual words or words associated with narcotics are prohibited.
  6. The Bols Around the World website (www.bolsaroundtheworld.com) will be live for registration on the 1st of September 2016. Heat 1 of the competition will start 1st of November 2016, 12.00 CMT +1.
  7. Upon registration on the Bols around the World website, you can upload your contenders profile on your dashboard. On the dashboard you will also find the Bols Genever knowledge kit which contains valuable information you will need during the competition.
  8. The region winners of Bols Around the World 2015 cannot compete during the following year in Bols around the world 2016/17.

General Conduct

  1. Competitions like Bols Around The World promote the global bartendingcommunity; it is all about having fun and being a good sport.
  2. Rude lurid sexual words and / or offensive expressions will lead to immediatedisqualification.
  3. Contenders will represent the country in which they are currently residing.We take health and safety seriously, hazardous bartending that jeopardizesguests and or colleagues is not allowed in this competition.
  4. The rules and regulations are established to ensure a fair, educational andexciting competition. These guidelines will play a big part in the preparation forthis competition; any attempt to cheat underlined rules may result indisqualification and expulsion of the competition.
  5. All rules and guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of theorganization, nothing will change without informing all competing bartendersand judges involved
  6. If you have a question please check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. If your question is not listed there, send your question to info@bolsaroundtheworld.com.


  1. By entering this competition, contenders agree to assign copyright of theirrecipe, photographs, video clip, and drink name to the competition organizers.
  2. Contenders and drinks presented during the competition may be photographed(still or motion picture) by the organizer and copyright of these images for anyuse, including advertising, will be retained by the competition organizers.

Heat 1: Respect the past, celebrate the future

The original Bols Genever recipe was created in 1820, and a lot has changed in the world of mixed drinks since then. Jerry Thomas published the first cocktail book in 1862, prohibition devastated professional bartending for over a decade, which was followed by Tiki and the disco era. Today we find ourselves in a new golden age of bartending and bartenders world-wide experiment with home-made bitters, infusions, fermentation and molecular mixology. The cocktail culture has developed at a rapid pace in recent years, and it is hard to imagine what the future will bring.

The next Bols Genever pioneer is a bartender with a solid classic knowledge, but is also able to predict the future trends. Imagine it is the year 2025, when Lucas Bols will celebrate its 450th anniversary. What will we be drinking then? Which techniques will be used? What will be the future Bols Genever classic?


  • Pick one of the 25 classic cocktails from your knowledge kit as an inspiration for your future cocktail
  • Turn this classic cocktail into a cocktail recipe intended to be drunk in 2025
  • Upload the recipe and picture of your cocktail to your Bols Around the World dashboard.
  • Describe why this could be the future classic in 500 characters.


  • Your recipe must contain a minimum of 30 ml/1 oz Bols Genever Original or Bols Barrel Aged Genever, other styles or brands of Genever are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to use 5 ingredients maximum, including bitters and foams.
  • Your cocktail has to be inspired by one of the 25 classic cocktails from your knowledge kit
  • Describe your cocktail and why this cocktail is suitable to be drunk in 2025, in maximum 500 characters.
  • Upload a picture of your cocktail to your Bols Around the World dashboard.
  • Make sure your ingredients are well defined in correct measurements. Recipes entered must be expressed in milliliters or fluid ounces with the use of ‘dashes’ and / or ‘drops’ limited to bitters, hot pepper sauce and the like. Fruit quantities must also be stipulated, e.g ‘squeeze of lime’ is unacceptable.
  • Homemade syrups are permitted, however, we need to be able to replicate it and o therefore need a recipe and description (‘secret formula XYZ’ is not allowed).
  • Aging of cocktails and / or spirits is allowed, however an aging log and / or description of taste is required.
  • Any adjustments to ingredients and / or garnishes prior to use need to be described.
  • You are not allowed to use live animals or live insects as garnish.


  • Originality and innovativeness of the cocktail 30%
    • We are looking for the next Bols Genever pioneer and the next trends. Is this cocktail a new and innovative drink, is this the drink of the future? Does this drink stand out, or is it one of many?
  • Practicality of the cocktail 20%
    • Is the cocktail replicable all around the world? We are looking for the new Bols Genever pioneer cocktail which should be able to be made anywhere in the world.
  • Taste and aroma of the cocktail 20%
  • Expression of the spirit 10%
    • How is Bols Genever used in this cocktail? Does the character and taste of Bols Genever come through in the drink, which flavour components of Bols Genever did you emphasize?
  • Presentation of the drink 20%
    • The visual appearance of a cocktail affects its appeal. Judges will look at the choice of glassware or vessel, garnish and setup. Balancing a great presentation with a practical adaption to a bar environment is crucial when inventing successful drinks.

The top 75% of each region will progress to heat 2.

Heat 2: Knowledge is the start of wisdom

We believe that knowledge of the products you work with, heritage and history are key for an all-round bartender. A Bols Genever pioneer is an all-round bartender and during this heat your knowledge will be tested.

Study the knowledge kit and the classic recipes in the knowledge kit that will be available on your dashboard. Most questions in this test originate from the Bols Genever knowledge kit but we have also included some questions to test your general bartending knowledge. The knowledge test consists of 30 multiple choice questions and 1 open question. You will have limited time per question for the multiple choice questions. There is no time limit for the open question. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection before you start the knowledge test, as you won’t be able to re-start the test.


  • You can score a maximum of 3 points for every multiple choice question, so a total of 90 points for the multiple choice questions.
  • You can score a maximum of 10 points for the open question. The open question will be scored on creativity, originality, understanding of Bols Genever and its potential behind the bar. You have a maximum of 500 characters to answer this question.

The top 10 bartenders of each region progress to heat 3.

Heat 3: Show your Skills

The next Bols Genever pioneer should have a solid knowledge on Bols Genever and its versatility in cocktails and mixed drinks, to make sure this ‘forgotten spirit’ does not live up to its name. He or she should be able to create Bols Genever cocktails for any guest at your bar, from Genever novice to Genever connoisseurs.

During this heat, you are asked to create a short video of maximum 1:30 minutes where you will present your Bols Genever signature serve. This serve should be appealing for your guests, showcase Bols Genever and give them an insight in the world of Bols Genever. Your Bols Genever signature serve is not the same cocktail you created for heat 1. This serve can be a cocktail, a mixed drink or a variation on a ritual. (For example the ritual of a ‘kopstootje’, sipping Bols Genever next to a beer).

  • Upload a short video (1:30 minutes maximum) on your profile page in which you showcase your Bols Genever signature serve.
  • The Bols Genever signature serve can be a cocktail, mixed drink or a variation on a ritual. You are only limited by your imagination!
  • Show us your personality in the video. What is your idea behind the Bols Genever signature serve? How would you sell it to your guests? Show us your hospitality skills as well as your bartending skills!


  • Practicality of the Bols Genever Serve 30%
    • The Bols Genever signature serve should be able to be served all around the world. How replicable is your serve?
  • Originality of the Bols Genever signature serve 30%
    • The Bols Genever signature serve should be practical but original as well. Does your serve stand out, or is it one of many? Does your creativity shine through in your serve and is it appealing to a wide range of guests?
  • Creativity 20%
    • How creative are you in presenting your Bols signature serve? Are you able to create an atmosphere in your video that sells your serve? Is the video entertaining and inspiring to watch? We will not judge on the quality or technicality of the video but we are looking for unique videos with creativity in setting, delivery, and performance.
  • Hospitality and skills of the bartender 20%
    • Do we see your personality and your hospitality skills in the video, as well as your bartender skills? Does the passion for your profession shine through?

The top 3 bartenders of each region will progress to heat 4.

Heat 4: Now you are live…!

If you make it to the top 3 of your region, you will be visited by a BATW judging team in your bar. You will be asked to host a Bols Genever evening at your bar, where you will have the opportunity to bring your Bols Genever concept to life. The goal of this evening is to showcase Bols Genever, promote your bar and give us an insight in your event management skills, creativity and ability to bring a concept to life. The program of the evening, number of invited guests and promotional/educational activities are up to you.

  • On the menu of your Bols Genever evening, there should be a minimum of 3 Bols Genever drinks, including your Bols Genever signature serve from heat 2.
  • The event should be promoted locally and on social media.
  • The aim of the event should be to promote your bar and Bols Genever, not to drink un-responsibly and have a party.
  • The competitors will be judged by the jury for one hour.
  • Bar visits will be filmed and published by Lucas Bols on social media.
  • Lucas Bols will provide 4 bottles of Bols Genever to kick start the event.


  • Overall impression of the evening 20%
    • What kind of atmosphere is created in your bar, does this match the concept of your Bols Genever evening? Is there attention to detail?
  • Personality and hospitality of the bartender 30%
    • Are you welcoming and a real host? Does your personality shine through during the evening? Are you knowledgeable, entertaining and professional? Could you be the next Bols Genever pioneer?
  • Organization, communication and execution of the evening 20%
    • How was the lead up to the event organized? What promotional activities were undertaken, which channels of communication were used? Is the evening well organized and attended by a suitable number of guests?
  • Presentation of Bols Genever during the evening 30%
    • Is Bols Genever the star of the evening? How is Bols Genever presented on the evening’s menu: are the drinks original, approachable and diverse? Is there an element of education on Bols Genever incorporated in the evening?

The BATW judging team will be judging 1 hour of the evening, the exact date and timing of the judging will be communicated prior to the visit. The BATW judging team will consist of 1 member of the Bols Genever Iconic team, 1 local Bols ambassador and 1 representative of your local distributor.

The winner of each region will be invited to Amsterdam for the Grand Final. During this final, you will have the opportunity to showcase your Bols Genever concept in one of the 7 bars in the ‘Bols Genever street’ in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Grand Final will be judged by the Bols Genever Iconic Team who will decide who will be the Bols around the World winner of 2017.