Rules and frequently asked questions

About the competition


This is a bartending competition for professional and aspiring bartenders from selected countries.

We are looking for the next Bols Genever Pioneer! The Bols Genever Pioneer is an all round bartender with a business focus. The Pioneer has extensive Bols Genever knowledge, but also knows how to truly experiment with Bols Genever. The Bols Genever pioneer comes up with new ideas and dares to lead the crowd. It's the classic bartender, with a passion for the newest trends. 


You can sign up from September 1st until October 31st. Signing up for this competition will require some basic personal information. You will have to complete and score top marks during the online challenges to secure a spot in the final week in Amsterdam.


The winner of the Bols Around the World finals in Amsterdam will be the next Bols Genever Pioneer, and will win a bartending trip around the world.



You can only use Bols Genever Original, Bols Genever Barrel-aged and/or Bols Genever 21 during the competition.It is not allowed to use Bols Jonge Jenever, Bols  Zeer Oude Genever, Bols Corenwijn or any other Genever brand.

We recommend you to inform your manager/bar owner about your participation in BATW. If you pass all heats until the bar visits, judges will visit you in your bar.

Yes you can participate. Please take note that heat 4 consists of a bar visit, so if you make it through that heat- you need to work in a bar by then.


You will receive an update via e-mail once the results are in. The email willdirect you to your dashboard on

Yes, after the heats are closed, all submissions will be visible on the public profile.

The Bols website has a distributor finder; you can consult your local distributor. If your country is not in the list, you can also order it online at whisky exchange or on similar websites.

Heat 1: The Future Cocktail

 Yes, as long as the cocktail and / or drink stillcontain Bols Genever Original, Bols Genever Barrel-aged and/or Bols Genever 21.

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with the health and safety of the consumer and /or bartender.

Heat 2: Knowledge test

The knowledge test consists of 30 multiple choice questions and 1 open question.

We recommend you to study the Bols Genever Knowledge kit, available in your dashboard. Most questions are derived from it.

Heat 3: The Video

No, for every second over 1:30 minutes we will deduct 1 point per second.

Yes, it is all up to you what you decide to put on your menu.