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сocktail recipe

Fit Club

Fit Club

Cocktail story

In the Prohibition times access to the cocktail it was much heavie. Today the expectations of people have changed. People are increasingly aware of new tastes and what they drink. The Gluten-free and molecular cocktails are becoming more popular, but not only. I made variations on the clover club cocktail. In this cocktail I wanted to emphasize the flavour Genever to the "first plan". The flooded with chickpeas
is alternative to egg white and the consummation of this cocktail is


All ingredients mix short with a spoon in a shaker without ice. Then dry shake. Next add ice and shake all . Strain in to chilled cocktail glass without ice. Flavored with lemon peel. Serve with a snack: biscuit with raspberry molekular balls.


  • *3 barspoon homeade raspberry molekular balls, 40 ml Bols Genever
  • **20 ml Martini Extra Dry infused fennel, 10 ml flooded with chickpeas.
  • * 200 g small tapioca, 3 liters water
  • 700 ml good quality raspberry juice.
  • Thrown tapioca into boiling water and cook the tapioca becomes transparent
  • Next pour and strain tapioca cold water. The cooked tapioca pour raspberry juice. Vacuum to infusion for 48 h.
  • **Cut one the stalk of fennel, throw in to 200ml of Dry vermoth and leave to 96 h


  • Lemon peel


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