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Respect the past, celebrate the future

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The Golden Club

The Golden Club

Cocktail story

My thoughts for a drink in 2025 is to respect the character of the classic but should go along the techonological improvement of the bartending scene this is why i am infusing the genever with citrus in Sous-vide. Also another one issue is sustainability. Why squeezing a lemon and then drop the cell when we can use citrid acid with the same outcome without wasting lemons. Also the same with the egg if i use the white i have to discard the rest of egg while i have the exact outcoe using aquafaba


Reverse dry Shake


  • -45 ml Bols Genever citrus infused (Sous-vide method)
  • -30ml Golden Raspberry flavoured "balanced" solution (1 part Golden Raspberry syrup, 1 part citrid acid <ph 3.0>
  • -20ml Aquafaba


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