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Andy Yoon


Respect the past, celebrate the future

—Āocktail recipe

Serene Grace

Serene Grace

Cocktail story

In the year 2025, rapidly evolving technology will allow bartenders to package their cocktails that can be served anywhere around the world at any given time, while refocusing on the theme of simplicity. Inspiration for my cocktail comes from the classic Holland Gin Sour. The current trend puts an emphasis on extravagance. However, I wanted present Bols Genever's with a graceful image, white having complex flavor. Serene Grace refers to tranquility, elegance, and not faltering to trends.




  • Bols Genever-50ml
  • Lillet Blanc-22.5ml
  • Fresh Lemon Juice-22.5ml
  • Jasmine infused Honey Syrup-15ml (100ml water, 100g honey, 10g of pearl jasmine tea. Heat up water and honey in a saucepan to dissolve, add jasmine tea, boil for 5min, strain into a bottle and cool before use)
  • Egg White-20ml
  • Add 1 large piece of ice to the glass
  • Dry shake
  • Shake with Ice
  • Double strain into the glass
  • Spray lemon zest over the cocktail and glass
  • Garnish with 5 pieces of Pearl Jasmine


  • Pearl Jasmine and Lemon Zest


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