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Alen Lovkovic

Gold on 27,  Dubai

Respect the past, celebrate the future

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Cocktail story

Inspired by the lifestyle of bartenders, and what is for us a standard – moon – so the name is derived from a shinto god of moon. Sleeping during the day, working nights, moon is our friend and follower. I created a futuristic twist on an improved genever cocktail to portray the refreshing nights after a good shift at work. This deep tasting twist emphasizes the maltiness and citrusy freshness of Genever 21 through refreshing notes of lemongrass, with nocturnal tones of prunes and pomegranates.


shaken and double strain


  • - 60 ml Bols genever 21 century
  • - 15 ml homemade prunes and lemongrass liqueur (200ml jonge genever, 15 gr lemongrass stalk-chopped, 20 gr chilean orchid prunes-chopped, 20 gr caster sugar=>sous vide for 1h at 60C, leave to cool and strain through a super fine cloth)
  • - 10 ml lavender honey syrup (mix 3 parts lavender honey with 1 part hot water and stir well. leave to cool before use)
  • - 20 ml POM wonderful, 100% pomegranate juice
  • - 2 dash FEE brothers PLUM bitters


  • orchid flower in cocktail and earl grey mist


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