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Adrian Lacatusu

Cocktails & Dreams ,  Satu Mare

Respect the past, celebrate the future

—Āocktail recipe

Early Days

Early Days

Cocktail story

My inspiration for this recipe cames from Hot Holland Gin Toddy, but my motivation storry cames from disruption of healthcare and Early Days of Jarvis- siri from our days.
What is all about? maybe it sounds interesting but i thing the human kind, and also bartenders, becouse of expanded capabiilities will be not able to create something else anymore.
Everything will be at your disposal and the history spoke easy: everything that is old to us now revives and inspire us. This is it!


Warm ingredients(except Bols Genever Barrel Aged) using a steamer


  • Bols Genever Barrel Aged 50 ml
  • Quince Nectar 150ml
  • Septon 5 ml
  • Bols Ginger Liqueur 10 ml
  • Fresh lime juice 10 ml
  • Septon- is my personal name for any kind of infussion made of 7 ingredients.
  • SEPTON - recipe
  • use 200 ml Bols Kirsch to infused it(2 days in a bottle ) with: 5 cloves, 1 pic of vanilla, 4 bay leaves, 2 pic anise star, 2 pics of licorice, 3 orange zest, 4 lime zest.
  • Once at 8 hours shake it gentle.


  • 1 pic anise star


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